Yamaha’s electric scooter updated for 2023; could be launched in India?

Yamaha has updated one of its electric scooters, the Neo’s for 2023, and introduced it in international markets.

This petite EV from Yamaha receives a new turquoise color scheme as part of the update. However, the other parts remain untouched. The Yamaha Neo features a modern, quirky design complete with LED split headlights and LED DRLs. The rear also looks interesting, with an LED tail light mounted on the license plate bracket.

In terms of powertrain and output, the Yamaha Neo is equivalent to a 50cc scooter. It comes with a 2.03 kW motor paired with two removable lithium-ion batteries that Yamaha claims can provide a range of 70 kilometers. However, its top speed is limited to a modest 40 km/h.

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The average scooter charging time is rated at around 8 hours. And the whole package seems to be only good for urban vehicles. As for the list of features, the Yamaha Neo has an LCD screen with smartphone connectivity that allows the rider to access battery status, track tracking, calls, and messages.

With everything said, Yamaha has already introduced the Neo electric scooter in India to select dealers. However, rather than offering it in India as is, we expect Yamaha to use the Neo as a basis for introducing an India-specific electric scooter later this year or early 2024.

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