Six hot car technology to watch this year 2018

What this New Year will bring for the car technology trends is a must watch. Cars will talk with each other, they will communicate with the traffic light, or the electric vehicles are all set to get into the mainstream. All these changes might are yet to come by, and this year India will see them.

The automobile sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in our economy, as soon as new car technology comes; there are multiple buyers ready to adore the new technology. We will see in this article such new trends in the car technology to come up this year.

What automotive technology are set come by?

Cars that talk to each other

It sounds crazy but certainly it’s true. Several cars have been built that can share information with each other. This new kind of technology is called the Vehicle-to-Vehicle technology, and it will revolutionize the way we see the cars.

New life for diesel cars

As it was seen from long that diesel cars were not economical and not user-friendly, several manufacturers have decided to change this trend. They are going to launch some cars on the road that delivers the high fuel economy and excellent performance.

Autonomous vehicle in the real road

Autonomous vehicles are all set to rule the road in the market. Driver-less cars or self drive cars what most of the people call them are the next big technology this year. Google is in partnership with large car manufacturers to work on this project.

Google will not sell these cars initially but they will first test the mileage and the effectiveness of these cars. Then at the end of this year they will be all set to rule the road. Pacifica is the name given to its driverless cars.

Electric vehicles will face stiff competition

This year the electric vehicles or the cars like Testla will face a stiff competition from their counterparts. As more and more companies are coming up with the new technology and advancements in their vehicles, it will be a fun to watch this stiff competition in electric vehicles.

Electrifying axles for fun and fuel economy

How do the auto makers meet the soaring demands of SUVs? Answer is the electrifying axles. This year there will be rather more changes and increase in the use of these electrifying axles to cater the demand of the customers of more and more SUVs.


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