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2021 certainly felt like a year where the Earth was spinning faster than we would've liked. As it turns out, it was a year with some ups and downs, and there's certainly a lot to remember from the time gone by. But it was also a year when some highly awaited launches and several motorcycles finally hit showrooms. Some were brand new and some were the much-needed upgrades. And you, dear readers, spent a lot of time searching on Google for these bikes. And these were the top 10 Google searched bikes in India between January and November 2021.

Most Searched Motorcycles In 2021

Royal Enfield Classic 350

The Royal Enfield bestseller is also the most searched motorbike in India. This year, there was a lot of news about the Classic 350 with the release of the next generation and enthusiasts and buyers were eagerly awaiting the all-new version that promised a complete mechanical overhaul while retaining the same iconic classic design. The new generation Royal Enfield Classic 350 has delivered sales and popularity. In fact, with a monthly average search of over eight lakhs, the motorcycle was miles ahead of the second closest motorcycle.

Most Searched Motorcycles In 2021

Yamaha MT-15

Speaking of which, the Yamaha MT-15 was the second most searched motorcycle in India in 2021. It's interesting to note that while there was a lot of buzz and hype surrounding the Classic 350, the MT-15 didn't get a major update. this year. In fact, the motorcycle continued the same way as the BS6 was updated and was only updated with the Monster Energy MotoGP color scheme in August. That does speak volumes about the interest in the MT-15, which competes in the premium passenger segment. Compared to the new Classic 350, the Yamaha MT-15 garnered about 5.5 lakh average monthly searches.

Most Searched Motorcycles In 2021

KTM RC 200

The KTM RC 200 received about a lakh fewer average monthly searches than the MT-15. KTM’s entry-level track tool knows how to catch the eye, and the Austrian bike manufacturer brought out the next-generation version of the bike this year. The 2021 KTM RC 200 comes with many improvements to the design, frame and packaging, while keeping the same engine and gearbox combination. And that made it a winner. Internet users were also very excited about the new model, making it the third most sought-after motorcycle in India this year.

Most Searched Motorcycles In 2021

Bajaj Pulsar 125

The Bajaj Pulsar 125 arrived last year and seems to be a popular choice for those looking for entry-level sports commuter. Borrowing its design from its older siblings, the Pulsar 125 was the fourth most searched motorcycle on Google in 2021. Compared to the KTM RC 200, the Pulsar 125 averaged over 3.5 lakh monthly searches and ahead of sales, the motorcycle was getting A good size Bajaj Auto. It is also worth noting that the Pulsar 125 was the most sought after motorcycle in 2021, the same year that Bajaj introduced the new Pulsar 250 range to the market. We'll see an increase in search numbers next year, maybe to 250.

Most Searched Motorcycles In 2021

Yamaha R15

The second Yamaha offering on the list, the YZF-R15 was the fifth most searched bike in 2021 and averaged almost the same as the Bajaj Pulsar 125. Notably, Yamaha introduced the R15 V4.0 this year which brought a slew of updates to the motorcycle that included New design language, better hardware, and more features than before. The Yamaha R15 shares its basics with the MT-15 and the siblings certainly seem to be a favourite of the internet in India.

Most Searched Motorcycles In 2021

Royal Enfield Himalayas

Sixth was the Royal Enfield Himalayan, which remains a popular choice in the entry-level adventure motorcycle category. The Himalayan average monthly search numbers closely match the Pulsar 125 and Yamaha R15, making it the action-packed midfield on this list. The bike has been updated to the MY2021 and has seen some significant changes like the inclusion of a Tripped navigation capsule from the Meteor 350. The Royal Enfield Himalayan manages to offer a simple build along with the ability to go anywhere that continues to make it highly desirable after location. Motorcycle. Also, the competitive price is easily accessible.

Most Searched Motorcycles In 2021


Joining the RC200 on the list is the KTM RC390, which remains the brand's definitive track tool in India. KTM introduced the next generation of the RC390 globally this year and that could have helped keep the motorcycle's search numbers high. It was rumored that KTM would introduce the new RC390 alongside the RC200, but the motorcycle would become popular at the end of January 2022. The KTM RC390 remains a recreational option for commuters both on the road and on the track, with little in terms of competition. No surprises as to why it's on this list.

Most Searched Motorcycles In 2021

Suzuki Hayabusa

The Suzuki Hayabusa is one of the most loved motorcycles in India, and it continues to be the perfect motorcycle for the masses and this year the new generation has arrived globally and in the country. Feelings were high, and the new Hayabusa offered the same in abundance with thoughtful improvements on all levels over its predecessor. It also managed to stay affordable in terms of prices and was quick to find homes across the country. The Suzuki Hayabusa remains one of the few high-performance motorcycles built locally in the country, and the large search volume of more than three thousand average monthly searches certainly indicates why is that the case.

Most Searched Motorcycles In 2021

Hero Splendor Plus

The lone Hero MotoCorp offering on this list, the Hero Splendor Plus matches the Hayabusa in terms of average monthly searches, but the sales story is very different for both bikes. However, the search figures do not indicate sales figures, given that Hero has not yet abolished its throne as the largest two-wheeled manufacturer in the world by volume. The Splendor Plus has become the bike maker's most trusted motorcycle and we're not surprised that it made it to our Top 10 Most Wanted Motorcycles list. What surprises us is that there aren't more Hero motorcycles here.

Most Searched Motorcycles In 2021

Royal Enfield Meteor 350

 The 10th most-searched motorcycle is the Meteor 350 and Royal Enfield's third offering on this list. Statistically, this makes the Chennai-based bike maker the most sought-after brand here. And Meteor 350 has good reason to sign up. Replacing the Thunderbird 350, the bike brought an entirely new engine and platform to the RE family, along with new features, better handling and more reliability. The sales numbers also indicate the success of the bike, which has done well for the brand.

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