British brand One-Moto launches high speed electric scooter Electa

One-Moto, a British brand looking at making in roads in the electric mobility in India, has announced the launch of a high-speed electric scooter model called Electa in the country. The Electa electric scooter has been positioned as a premium offering and is priced at ₹ 2 lakh (ex showroom).

This is the company's third offering in India.

The Electa is One-Moto's third high-speed scooter after Commuta and Byka launched here in November. All three products get support for One app, which provides functionalities like Geo-fenching, IoT, Bluetooth, among others. But what seeks to set Electa apart is its 72V 45A detachable lithium-ion battery that can be fully operational in four hours. Capable of traveling 150 kms before needing to be plugged back in, the electric scooter has a top speed of 100 kmph courtesy a 4KW QS brushless DC Hub motor.

While the display is analogue, the Electa comes with hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels and optional chrome upgrades. There is also a three-year warranty on the motor, controller and battery.

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One-Moto Electa Specs





1890x720x1090 mm (LxWxH)


1390 mm

Net Weight

115 kgs

Motor Type

Brushless DC Hub Motor

Max Speed

100 kmph

Max Range

150 kms

Carrying Capacity

150 kgs

Colour options

Matte Black, Shiny Black, Blue, Red, Grey

The growing preference for electric two-wheelers in India has drawn many new players to the fray, and One-Moto is looking to make the most of the opportunities to take advantage of them. Shubhankar Chaudhry, CEO of One-Moto India says: "India welcomes the adoption of electric vehicles and we are focused on providing high quality products to motivate them. The idea is to launch high quality premium products and start distributing from major metropolitan cities ". We don’t just want to serve Indian customers on our motorcycles, but provide them with the full experience they had while running ICE engine vehicles."

While the Electa is currently the company's most expensive model, the Byka is priced at 1.80 lakh while the Commuta is the most affordable of the three at 1.30 lakh (all prices are ex showroom).

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