Hyundai i20 Vs Honda Jazz – Specs and Updated Price Comparison

One of the most interesting segments in the Indian car market is premium hatchbacks. The vehicles in this sector are not only attractive and well-equipped, but they're also a lot of fun to drive. The Hyundai i20 and Honda Jazz are the segment's oldest models, and they've seen numerous revisions and improvements throughout the years.

Check out our comparison of the Hyundai i20 vs the Honda Jazz in terms of engine specs and price.

Multiple price spikes have occurred in the current iterations of these two premium hatchbacks in the last year, making it difficult to determine which the better deal is. For your convenience, we've included their specifications and current prices.


Engine specifications Hyundai i20 vs Honda Jazz

In India, the Hyundai i20 comes with a variety of engine options. A 1.2-litre normally aspirated engine and a 1.0-litre turbocharged engine are among the petrol engine options. A 1.5-litre turbocharged diesel engine is also available as an option.

Specifications Hyundai i20 (petrol variants) Honda Jazz
Engine size 1.2-litre/1.0-litre 1.2-litre
Engine type Naturally aspirated, inline-3, petrol / Turbocharged,inline-3, petrol Naturally aspirated, inline-4, petrol
Max. power 83 PS/120 PS 90 PS
Max. torque 114 Nm/172 Nm 110 Nm
Transmission 5-speed MT, CVT (1.2L) / 6-speed iMT, 7-speed DCT (1.0L) 5-speed MT, CVT

Currently, the Honda Jazz has only one engine option. The 1.2-litre NA petrol engine is free-revving and provides enough power to be enjoyable. The lack of a diesel (or CNG) alternative, on the other hand, puts it well behind its Hyundai rival.

Specifications     Hyundai i20 (diesel variants)
Engine size     1.5-litre
Engine type     Turbocharged, inline-4, diesel
Max. power     100 PS
Max. torque     240 Nm
Transmission     6-speed MT

The Honda Jazz is available with either a 5-speed manual or a CVT transmission. The 1.2L petrol Hyundai i20 also comes with the same transmission options: a 5-speed manual and a CVT. The premium Hyundai hatchback's 1.0L petrol variant is far more fascinating, with a choice of a 6-speed iMT (clutchless manual) or a 7-speed DCT transmission. However, the i20 diesel only comes with a 6-speed manual transmission.

Hyundai i20 vs Honda Jazz - A comparison of prices

The Hyundai i20 has a far wider pricing range than the Honda Jazz, and it also comes with a lot more features. Hyundai Motor India also offers a wider range of engine options, catering to a wider audience.

Hyundai i20 vs Honda Jazz price comparison

Hyundai i20 (1.2L petrol variants) Hyundai i20 (1.0L petrol variants) Honda Jazz
Rs. 7.03 (Magna) Rs. 7.78 lakh (V MT), Rs. 8.64 lakh (V CVT)
Rs. 7.93 lakh (Sportz), Rs. 8.95 (Sportz CVT) Rs. 8.84 lakh (Sportz iMT), Rs. 9.81 lakh (Sportz DCT) Rs. 8.47 lakh (VX MT), Rs. 9.47 lakh (VX CVT)
Rs. 8.08 lakh (Sportz Dual-tone)
Rs. 8.81 lakh (Asta), Rs. 9.95 lakh (Asta CVT) Rs. 10.05 lakh (Asta iMT), Rs. 10.81 lakh (Asta DCT) Rs. 9.11 lakh (ZX MT), Rs. 10.09 lakh (ZX CVT)
Rs. 10.20 lakh (Asta iMT Dual-tone)
Rs. 9.55 lakh (Asta Opt), Rs. 10.57 lakh (Asta Opt CVT) Rs. 11.39 lakh (Asta Opt DCT)
Rs. 9.70 lakh (Asta Opt Dual-tone), Rs. 10.72 lakh (Asta Opt CVT Dual-tone) Rs. 11.54 lakh (Asta Opt DCT Dual-tone)

The Honda Jazz, on the other hand, has a higher beginning price, making it less inexpensive in contrast. It also suffers from a lack of engine options. The Honda is behind the Hyundai in terms of features and equipment, while the Jazz offers larger interiors.

Hyundai i20 (1.5L diesel variants)

Rs. 8.34 lakh (Magna)
Rs. 9.20 lakh (Sportz)
Rs. 10.75 lakh (Asta Opt)
Rs. 10.90 lakh (Asta Opt Dual-tone)

All things considered, the i20 emerges victorious here. In order to compete in this segment, the Honda hatchback requires a makeover as well as an update to the equipment list.

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