London Electric Vehicle Company gears up to launch TX model in India

Commercial electric vehicle manufacturer London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) is preparing to launch TX electric vehicles in the Indian market in collaboration with Exclusive Motors, a release said on Monday. It said the partnership with Exclusive Motors Pvt Ltd extends to the Indian subcontinent.

The world's most advanced premium shuttle is gearing up for its launch in India as LEVC brings the electric TX model to a dealership in New Delhi, said the release.

Stating that it is partnering with Exclusive Motors for the Indian subcontinent to make TX available in the region. LEVC said that it will not only create significant job opportunities in India, but the e-city vehicle will also support a green future for the country through its innovative scale expander.

TX model

LEVC introduced the latest electric model TX in 2018.

The TX is powered by LEVC's innovative eCity technology, with a zero-emissions capability of 101 km, with a flexible range of over 510 km.

With a spacious passenger environment with six passenger seats, wheelchair accessibility, and a specially designed partition that separates the driver from the passengers, the TX is the ideal vehicle for urban commuting and suburban flexibility, according to the statement.

“I am delighted that LEVC's future innovative mobility solutions are seizing opportunities in India's dynamic and growing electric vehicle market. The UK and India have ambitious plans to deepen our trade and investment partnership and bring benefits to both economies, and this is a great example of what we can do together," said Alan Gemmell, British Queen's Trade Commissioner for South Asia.

LEVC's history began in 1908 when the first dedicated black cab was specially designed and commissioned for use in London.


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