Comparing Xiaomi SU7, BYD Seal, and Tesla Model 3

Xiaomi, renowned for its consumer electronics, has made a significant foray into the automotive world with the launch of its debut electric vehicle, the Xiaomi SU7 electric car. This move has garnered widespread attention, as the SU7 boasts impressive specifications and features that position it as a strong contender against established players in the automotive industry. One of the notable comparisons being drawn is between the Xiaomi SU7, the BYD Seal recently introduced in India, and the globally popular Tesla Model 3. Let's delve into the comparison between these electric vehicles across various aspects.

BYD Seal vs Xiaomi SU7 vs Tesla Model 3: Dimensions

The Xiaomi SU7 stands out for its larger dimensions compared to the Seal and Model 3, with a significantly longer length and wheelbase.

BYD Seal vs Xiaomi SU7 vs Tesla Model 3: Powertrains

The Xiaomi SU7 offers a diverse range of battery packs and stands out as the most powerful option, followed closely by the Tesla Model 3 Performance variant. The SU7 also leads in terms of maximum range on a single charge.

While these comparisons provide valuable insights, it's essential to note that range figures may vary based on testing cycles. Overall, the Xiaomi SU7 makes a strong statement in the electric vehicle segment, showcasing Xiaomi's prowess beyond consumer electronics.

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