Top Ten Car Brands in the World

Around the world, there are more than 810 million cars and hundreds of brands producing them. While some brands offer high-end cars for the affluent people, others manufacture cars that are comparatively affordable. Listed below are the top ten car brands in the world that are popular across countries:rnrnChoosing top 10 car brands in the world is difficult but we have listed some of the best ones here:rn

BMW: -rn

rnrnrnIt is a German Multinational company founded in 1916 that produces luxury automobiles and motorcycles. It has provided some of the high-end cars as well as budget cars. Some of the top cars of BMW are BMWX1, BMW7 series, BMWX6, BMWi8.  It has a brand value of $41.62 billion.rn

Toyota: -

rnrnrn It is considered one of the top brands in the automobile industry. Toyota is a Japanese multinational company, world’s second largest automobile manufacturer producing over 10 million cars every year. Some of the top cars are Yaris, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Fortuner(one of the most popular model), Etios etc.  It has a brand value of $50.29. The top selling model is Corolla.rn


rnrnrnIt is a global automobile brand known for the luxury vehicles, buses and lorries.  With a brand value of $47.83 billion, it is one of the oldest automobile brands. The top-selling model is the C-class.rn

Lamborghini: -

rnrnrnThis brand is an Italian manufacturer of luxury cars, most accurately sports cars. Some of the top models of Lamborghini are Jota, Veneno, Egoista, Aventador J, LM002 etc. They only manufacture high-end models.rn

Porsche: -

rnrnrn With a brand value of $10.13 billion, it is one of the best car brands. The top selling model of Porche is the 911 model. Two of its most expensive cars are 918 spyder concept and Rinspeed Bedouin.rn

Land Rover:-

rnrnrn The top-selling model is  Defender. It has a brand value of $6.10 billion. Land Rover is a brand that is specialised in four-wheel vehicles, owned by multinational car manufacturer Jaguar.rn

Ferrari: -

rnrnrn Ferrari is an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer. In 2014 it as the awarded as the world’s most powerful brand.  The brand value is $4.79 billion and the top-selling model is the Ferrari 360.rn

Volkswagen: -

rnrnrn It is a German Automobile company with a brand value of $11.52 billion. The top selling model is Beetle. It has some low-end modes too such as Polo, Vento, Tiguan etc.rn

Nissan: -

rnrnrn The brand value of Nissan is over $ 11.53 billion. It is also one of the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturers. The top selling model is Sentra. Nissan X Rogue was the world’s best selling SUV.5rn


rnrnrnThe top-selling model is the Elantra. Hyundai operates the world's largest integrated automobile manufacturing facility. IT has a brand value of $13.19 billion.rnrnThe automotive industry is a wide range of organisations and companies who are involved with the designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling of vehicles. Together these 10 brands of cars brands make up approximately $260 billion in brand value.
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