New rules for registration of Vintage Motor Vehicles issued

-Vintage vehicles can be registered for a fee of Rs.20,000.

-New format for a new registration

The Central Gove

ment, through the Official Gazette, has established new rules and procedures to follow up on the registration and re-registration of Vintage vehicles. Here we give you details about it.

First of all, what types of vehicles are included in the Vintage vehicles? The rules state that all two- and four-wheeled vehicles that are fifty or more years old from the date of first registration and that are kept in their original form will be considered antique.

Vintage car show Vintage car show

An application for registration / re-registration in accordance with Form 20 must be submitted to the state registration authority, accompanied by an insurance document, an old registration certificate and an entry bill in the case of imported vehicles. After reading and checking the documents, the registration authority will issue a new registration certificate within 60 days. The registration fee is set at Rs.20,000, while the subsequent re-registration fee is set at Rs.5,000. New registration certificates will be valid for 10 years with the option to renew for five years after that.

While a previously registered vehicle will retain its original model, vehicles with new registrations will be designated as - “XX VA YY*”; Where "XX" is the state code, "VA" means Vintage vehicle, "YY" is a two-letter series and "****" will be a number assigned from 0001 to 9999 provided by the registration authority.

Vintage Rolls Royce Vintage Rolls Royce

Vintage vehicles can be bought or sold, provided the seller and buyer report and submit the required documents to the relevant registration authorities within 90 days. Finally, owners cannot drive vehicles on the roads for business or usual purposes.

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