MG Motor India partners with BPCL to bolster EV charging infrastructure

Car manufacturer MG Motor India said on Monday it has partnered with Bharat Petroleum Limited (BPCL) to bolster electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the country.

The automaker said in a statement that the partnership with BPCL will add momentum to electric vehicle adoption by expanding opportunities for intercity travel as the two entities will install EV chargers on highways and within cities.

It added that with the vast reach of BPCL's customers and operations, and MG's strides in electric vehicles, the two entities can combine their expertise to strategically position charging, gain consumer insights, design loyalty programs, and create technology to manage charging systems.

“Our partnership with BPCL is another step in strengthening the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in India to energise and enhance customer confidence in electric vehicles,” said Rajiv Chapa, President and CEO of MG Motor India.

He added that BPCL's strong presence and extensive network in India will ensure existing and potential customers across the country have easy access to freight solutions.

“Our goal is to further expand electric vehicle charging opportunities and educate consumers about the environmental benefits of electric vehicle charging,” Chapa said.

Commenting on the initiative, BPCL Chairman and CEO Arun Kumar Singh said that sustainable consumption is the present and the future, as the country transitions into the era of mass mobility for electricity.

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“As we herald in a rapid energy transition to electric mobility, BPCL is at the forefront of addressing the three big concerns among electric vehicle owners (range anxiety, time concern, and discovery concern) in order to build consumer confidence for the rapid adoption of electric vehicles in the country.”

Singh said BPCL is establishing fast-charging lanes on major highways in the country, linking major cities and economic centers, and will have a network of 7,000 express charging stations at convenient locations across the country within the next 2-3 years.

He added that these fast charging stations will come with a range of customer services such as health baths, snacks, small ATMs, etc.

“This era calls for strategic cross-industry collaboration across the industry to reach significant new milestones in the electric vehicle charging ecosystem, and at BPCL we are excited to expand our reach and create positive synergies with innovative brands such as MG Motor India to step into this. her class,” Singh said.

MG Motor India recently announced the launch of a new company, 'MG Charge'.

Under this initiative, the carmaker plans to install 1,000 AC fast chargers in residential locations across India.

Connected AC charging stations will cater to the residents and visitors of these societies for their electric vehicle charging needs, operating round the clock.

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