Massive Navratri car discounts this October

October is the month of celebrations and it is time to flood the market with new and exciting offers from various car dealers across India. Since Navratri, Diwali, and its season are considered the most auspicious times of the year, many customers are eagerly awaiting it and prefer to buy anything new during this time, and this also includes cars. With the increasing interest of customers in the market at the mentioned time, car dealers are trying to seize the opportunity and offer some attractive discounts to customers to increase their sales. As a result, in October, many car dealerships are offering good deals on various car models, and if you are planning to buy a new car, this might be the best time for you. To help you make a good buying decision, we've provided a comprehensive list of all cars that qualify for this month's discounts. Here's how much cash you can save on each car.

car discounts car discounts

Maruti Suzuki car discounts

Dealers for Maruti Suzuki, India's leading automaker, are offering a maximum cash discount of Rs 1 lakh on their WagonR. On the other hand, the lowest discount of Rs 10,000 is offered on Maruti Baleno. Speaking of combined discounts, Maruti WagonR gets the maximum discount of Rs 1.85 lakh of which is an exchange bonus of 85,000 lakh. Merchants also offer an additional Rs 15,000 discount for the corporates.

ModelCash DiscountExchange BonusAdditional Benefits
Maruti Suzuki Alto 800Rs 40,000Rs 50,000  –
Maruti Suzuki Alto K10Rs 50,000Rs 65,000  –
Maruti Suzuki Wagon RRs 1,00,000Rs 85,000  –
Maruti Suzuki CelerioRs 95,000Rs 40,000  –
Maruti Suzuki ErtigaRs 40,000Rs 60,000  –
Maruti Suzuki CiazNo offer  –  –
Maruti Suzuki Ignis PetrolNo offer  –  –
Maruti Suzuki DzireRs 40,000Rs 50,000  –
Maruti Suzuki BalenoRs 10000Rs 20,000Corporate discount: Rs 15,000
Maruti Suzuki BrezzaNo discounts  –  –
Maruti Suzuki SwiftRs 30,000Rs 35,000  –

car discounts car discounts

Hyundai car discounts

Hyundai is not late for this race, either, as dealers are offering attractive discounts on various models this month. A maximum discount of Rs 1.35 lakh is offered on the Grand i10, which includes a cash discount of Rs 90,000, an exchange bonus of Rs 40,000, and an additional discount of Rs 5,000. The company offers a cash bonus on most of its models, including the Grand i10, Ve
a, Elantra, Xcent, and Eon.

ModelCash DiscountExchange DiscountsAdditional Discount & Benefits
Hyundai EonRs 40,000Rs 10,000  –
Hyundai  Grand i10Rs 90,000Rs 40,000Rs 5000
Hyundai Elite i20/Active i20Rs 25,000Rs 30,000Rs 5000
Hyundai Ve
Rs 20,000Rs 20,000Rs 20000
Hyundai Elantra  –Rs 25,000Rs 35000
Hyundai Tucson  –Rs 30,000Rs 50,000
Hyundai XcentRs 40,000Rs 45,000Rs 5000

Honda car discounts Honda car discounts

Honda car discounts

Honda car dealers are also offering some lucrative discounts on its elected car models. The maximum discount is being offered on the CR-V and you can save up to Rs 1.5 lakh on the company’s SUV. Dealers are offering this discount to clear the stocks as the new model is set to be launched this month. Besides, dealers are offering an exchange bonus of Rs 1 lakh on the BR-V. Last but definitely not the least, you can get one-year free insurance on Honda models like WR-V and Brio.

ModelCash DiscountsExchangeOther benefits
Honda BrioRs 19,000 –One year insurance
Honda WR-V  –Rs 32,000One year insurance
Honda City  –Rs 62,000 –
Honda Jazz  –Rs 32,500  –
Honda BR-V  –Rs 1,00,000  –
Honda Amaze – –  –
Honda CR-VRs 1,50,000  –  –

Mahindra car discounts car discounts

Mahindra car discounts

ModelCash DiscountsExchange DiscountsCorporate discount
Mahindra KUV 100Rs 60,000Rs 30,000Rs 4000
Mahindra TUV 300Rs 40,000  –Rs 4500
 Mahindra ScorpioRs 40,000Rs 25,000Rs 5500
Mahindra XUV500 –Rs 50,000Rs 9000
Mahindra Thar –  –Rs 6,000
Mahindra BoleroRs 10,000Rs 10,000  –

Toyota Discounts Toyota Discounts

Toyota Car Discounts

When it comes to Toyota, the company's car dealerships don't have much to offer customers this holiday season. Toyota car dealers offer a cash discount of Rs 20,000 for Etios, while you can get Rs 15,000 as a bonus for collecting your old car. In addition, dealers also offer a 5-year extended warranty along with accessories worth Rs 10,000 for free when they buy Toyota Yaris.

ModelCash DiscountsExchange BonusAdditional benefits
Toyota EtiosRs 20,000Rs 15,000  –
Toyota Innova CrystaNilNil  –
Toyota FortunerNilNil  –
Toyota Corolla AltisNilNil  –
Toyota YarisNilNil5 years extended warranty, Rs 10,000 free accessories

Ford car discounts

The new Ford Aspire facelift is set to be launched in India tomorrow. For this reason, in order to clear the stock for the outgoing model, dealers are offering a combined discount of Rs 80,000 on the said model. On the other hand, the Ford Figo can be yours with a discount of Rs 65,000 that includes Rs 35,000 of cash discount and Rs 30,000 worth of exchange bonus.

 ModelCash DiscountsExchange Bonus
Ford FigoRs 35,000Rs 30,000
Ford AspireRs 40,000Rs 40,000
Ford EndeavourRs 30,000Nil
Ford FreestyleNilNil
Ford EcoSportNilNil

Tata car discounts

Tata dealers are also offering some attractive schemes to the customers this month. The dealerships are offering a maximum discount of Rs 82,500. The second maximum discount is offered on the Tata Tiago wherein one can get a total discount of Rs 72,000 that includes a cash discount of Rs 60,000, an exchange bonus of Rs 10,000, and an additional discount of Rs 2,000 for corporate and Gove
ment employees.

 ModelCash DiscountsExchange BonusFor Corporates/Gove
ment Employees
Tata TiagoRs 60,000Rs 10,000Rs 2000
Tata TigorRs 60,000Rs 20,000Rs 2500
Tata ZestRs 45,000Rs 25,000Rs 2700
Tata NexonRs 10,000Rs 15,000Rs 3000
Tata HexaRs 25,000Rs 25,000Rs 3000

Source: Financial Express

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