India’s Top 10 Car Manufacturing Companies 2018

Automobile Industry is seeing quite much surging these days. All thanks to the enthusiastic buyers and the recent changes and the amelioration preformed in the fields. The Indian auto industry is one of the fastest growing economies over the subcontinent. There are new models and design in the every next hour. Well, all this could be possible because of the companies that are building up the whole market over here.

The market of the auto industry is all in the hands of few big manufacturers. The changes over that we see here is the manipulation from these big houses. In this article I have summed up the top 10 car manufacturing companies in the Indian market in the year 2018.

These companies are having full control over the Economy and ruling the Industry. There is a cut throat competition among the manufacturers to take the stage of auto world. All this is in favor of the interest of the buyers in terms of better products available. Here goes the list.


Tata Motors is the best car manufacturing company of the world. It is having its expanse over the 26 countries across the globe. The manufacturer has a big name in the Indian Market. The cars and other vehicles commissioned by the Tata are of top quality. It is having a great business in the Indian market and it seems to be up surging.

The models have a sexy design with the powerful engine and other functions for the buyers. More and more variants are coming up in the market from the manufacturer of successful models these days. The buyers have a kind of faith in the vehicles and the transport. In the buses the manufacturer is quite famous. And when it comes to the car manufacturing the company is the best. The company is the top manufacturer across all over India.


#2. Mahindra and Mahindra Limited

Mahindra is again a big name in the auto industry. The company is having a good respect in the market when it comes to the top car manufacturers in India. The models are of tough design and they have a kind of powerful engine support for the buyers.

The vehicle the company produces is kind for the requirement of the transportation facility. As more new models come up in the arena the company is ready to shoot high. The strong engine and the powerful pickups bare some of the pros of the models they produce. It is one of the best manufacturing companies in India.


#3. Maruti Suzuki

This list is bound to reserve a place for this manufacturing company. The Maruti Suzuki is a big name in the manufacturing company in the Indian market. It was the first to have the affordable car for an ordinary person. It furthered the revolution by introducing the models like Alto and other variants.

The company is known for the affordable quality that they provide to the buyers. The design and the comfort are the two important components they have in their cars. The company is one of the best manufacturers, and will have a good business in 2018.


#4. Hero Moto Corp

Hero Moto Corp is a big car manufacturer in India. The company is famous for the two-wheelers in the market. It provides a kind of sleek design and a reliable engine support for the vehicle. It comes up in the industry as a big manufacturer that will take the stage by storm.

It is one of the best manufacturing companies out there. It will sure to have a good commerce in 2018.


#5. Bajaj Auto Limited

Bajaj is another big name in the auto industry. It is one of the growing industries in the auto market. The company is all set to thrive buyers this year with the best quality from their vehicles. It will going to have a great business in the 2018 and is a leading car manufacturer.


#6. Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland is a known name in the school buses. It is a great car manufacturing company in the Indian market. It acquires a good share in the transportation vehicles. The company is going to have a few changes here and there in the policy to make the company succeed.


#7. Hyundai

Hyundai is one of the best car manufacturing companies in the Indian market. It is an exclusive car manufacturing company in the arena. It is known for the best of the design and the comfort in the vehicles they provide the buyers. It is having a cool look in almost all the models.

The company is improving the market day by day. And it will soon be the best car manufacturing company in the world. At present it is a great car company.


#8. TVS motor company

TVS is another big name in the auto industry for the two-wheelers. The company is having a great respect in the market. It is acquiring to build new models for the company in the upcoming times. The models have a fierce look with the wonderful designs.


#9. Eicher Motors

Eicher is a rising car manufacturing company in India. The company is mostly known for the heavy vehicles like buses and others. It has a powerful engine with more support for the buyers. It comes up with new changes to have a good commerce. It will have a good commerce in the 2018.


#10.    Force Motors

 Last in the list but not the least. The Force Motors is like other manufacturing companies. It is known for the transportation facility they provide. It has a good commerce last year and is expected to be this year too. The company is a growing company in the auto industry.

Force Motors limited Force Motors limited


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