Top 10 Cars for Indian Roads in 2018

There is one thing that one can associate with the Auto Industry is that it is everything but not constant. The changes are bound to occur in this industry, as soon as a new model comes up in the market the shine and glow of the previous one seems fade away. In this write-up we will dwell into the list of top 10 cars that are ruling the Indian roads.

There are a lot many in the competition to get into the list. But we can infer the success of the model from the sales it was able to bag in a year. There are some obvious names in the list which might be a no surprise to you. Some names will shake you for sure. Here goes the list.

#1 Maruti Suzuki Dzire

Maruti acquires the top position everywhere and here too in the list. If I were to name a car that has made the buyers gone mad, then with no second thought, it is Suzuki Dzire. The mode with a quirky look and a fabulous design are the key point which binds up the audience to the model.

The model sets up as the top of the section for compact Sedan quite comfortably. Buyers are getting attracted to this new model across the market. What people like the most about this model is the look which is appealing and with sexy features all ready to take your soul away. The model is one of the successful models of 2018.

maruti-suzuki-dezire maruti-suzuki-dezire


#2 Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

After the Maruti Suzuki 800 who gave wings to the dream of a common man to have its own car, there is the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800. The model is one of the high grossing models in the present scenario. Not just because of the new design and the comfort, but because of the easily accessibility in terms of economic value.

The Alto 800 is one of the famous brands of all the time. It is widely popular among the middle families for which it gives wings to their desire. The model is very well built and in compliance with the need of the ordinary people.

maruti suzuki alto 800 maruti suzuki alto 800

#3 Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

Alto with its grandeur success in the market is now coming up with different-different variants. One such variant is the Alto K10. The model came up to be a highly successful model at this time from the Alto series. The name of the Maruti and the prior trust has all build up the necessary trust over this brand.

Its USP are not visible to the naked eyes, yet keep it up to the top. The style, the features, and the comfort are in a perfect blend in this particular model. The model comes up with no surprises in terms of its shortcomings, and that is the strength.

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

#4 Maruti Baleno

If Maruti has ever produced a car which is highly appealing to my eyes, then it is the Baleno. The model with the sexy design and powerful features is a wonderful package for the buyers to go for it. It is coming up as the model with all the necessary features for a perfect car around this time. It has the ABS system and dual airbags are just to define the perfectionism with the art. The model comes up with a powerful engine and the necessary support.

If you have made your mind for this particular model, then go for it. The model is constantly building the huge list of buyers across the arena. And with all the features will see the success.

Maruti-Suzuki-Baleno Maruti-Suzuki-Baleno

#5 Hyundai Grandi10

Hyundai is all up with its Grandi10 to rule the roads. The model is a perfectly fine for an average person with its plans. It comes up in a way that no one can afford to miss the chance. The model is quite a bit out of budget. But one thing is for sure that the model will be worth your penny.

The design and the features are very appealing to the auto makers and the buyers out there. The more the company is trying to excel the changes the better it gets in.

Hyundai-Grand-i10 Hyundai-Grand-i10

#6 Maruti Wagon R

One of the popular cars in the Indian market this time is the Maruti Wagon R. The model with its quite spacious design in the small cars version is quirky. It comes up with the features for your needs of the best car. It is one of the high grossing cars of this time around. The model is famous in the middle families and more buyers are coming up.

Maruti Wagon R Maruti Wagon R

#7 Maruti Vitara Brezza

Vitara Brezza is again pretty much popular model. Maruti came up with a model this time that got success in a very limited time. The model is a perfectly designed, spacious and strongly built car model which is ruling the roads. You won’t have any complains with this model, this for sure!


#8 Hyundai Elite i20

Hyundai came up with the Elite i20 model to introduce its new model. But to every ones’ surprise this model get popular and is now getting much praises in the market. It is a wonderful model to go for.

Hyundai Elite i20 Hyundai Elite i20

#9 Maruti Swift

Swift is again pretty much popular on the Indian roads. The model came up with all very features to start liking this model from the soul. It is a great model to go for this time around.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Maruti Suzuki Swift

#10 Renault Kwid

Last in the list, but a wonderful one. The Kwid is one of the successful models which are coming up this time. It is ruling the Indian roads from now. It is a wonderful model to go for now.

renault kwid renault kwid


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