India road ministry issues draft rules to make rear seat belt alarms mandatory

On Wednesday, the Union Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways issued draft rules making it mandatory to install seat belt alarms in all car seats.

According to press reports, seat belt warnings or alerts will be mandatory in M ​​and N class cars, with audio-video warning in case the seat belts, including rear seat belts, are not in use.

In addition, there will be a speed alert system to verify over-speeding and manual override of the central locking system.

“Seat Belt Reminder” means a system designed to alert the driver when the driver and all other front seat occupants are not wearing their seat belts. The system consists of unfastened seat belt detection and driver alert, which is a level 1 warning and a level 2 warning.

Level 1 warning means that a visual warning is activated when the ignition switch is turned on (engine is running or not) and the seat belt for the driver and front seat passengers is not fastened. An audible warning can be added as an option, said the proposal. “Level 2 Warning” means a visual and audible warning that is activated when the driver drives a vehicle without the driver and front seat passengers seatbelt fastened.

rear seat belt

The draft rules also said that for Class M and N vehicles, a reverse parking alert system would apply. 'M' class vehicles are those that have at least four wheels that are used to transport passengers, while 'N' class vehicles also have four wheels but are used to transport goods and can also carry passengers.

According to the notice, the deadline for public comments on the draft rules for the three car makers is October 5.

India was considering enforcing the use of seat belts in the back seats after the recent death of Cyrus Mistry, the former head of the Indian conglomerate Tata Sons, in a car accident.

Local media, citing police officials, reported that he was sitting in the back seat and was not wearing a seat belt.

While it's already mandatory for all passengers in a car in India, the world's fourth-largest car market, to wear a seatbelt failing which they can be fined, passengers at the back seldom do, and enforcement is also lax.

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