The Geneva Motor Show – Full story

It was a vintage year for this year’s Geneva motor show, some of the most important cars with cutting edge innovation made their appearance alongside the new and exciting hyper-cars, long-standing icons have stepped in to mark their spotlight with the sprinkling of a few surprise appearances from beauties we never expected to find. Here is the full scoop of the Geneva motor show that caught our eyes this year:

Range Rover SV Coupe:

Seemingly the theme this year at the anticipated motor show, was controversy much like the Hollywood award shows! The exhibited lot was trumped by the controversial introduction of a new obscure model from Land Rover priced at £240,000 – the two-door Range Rover SV Coupé.

The interesting thing about this car is that only 999 of these beauties will be manufactured from Land Rover. Understandably bad news for admirers of this new model who have already read the story and want one, but also good news for those who did not agree to this car’s opinion splitting design and features. The Coupe is the most controversial car launched this year.


Toyota Auris:

This is yet another car from the British manufacturers that very narrowly missed out the top spot amongst the car-fanatics. However, it did outperform the other Toyota entrant this year at the motor show, the GR Supra Racing concept.

This car won the popular opinion of being the most sensibly designed models of this year and has gathered attention more than most others outside of the show. While the reason behind its popularity has been pin-pointed yet, but industry insiders suggest it is because of doing away with the old diesel powertrains.


Volkswagen Beetle:

It’s hard to replace a classic from its spot and looks like the Volkswagen Beetle is a classic that gives a tough contention to mode
automobiles. While you wonder how this car made into our list, since it was neither present at the show nor announced there. But it has still managed to keep the buzz around it with the boss of the brand Herbert Diess giving confirmation that they will not make a third generation for the Beetle.

The plan is to replace the classic Beetle with the ID Buzz which is due to be launched in 2022. It will revive the much-anticipated Microbus bodystyle, which is reminiscent of VK’s current heritage model design. The car lover community is tearing up at the news already!


Mercedes AMG GT 4dr Coupe:

It is hardly surprising to find this car in the coverage of the biggest splashes made in the Geneva motor show! It was already popular among the lovers of automobiles thanks to the powerful 630 bhp, 4 litre engines tucked inside its stylish bonnet. That too the figures being for the mid-range model, a hybrid version with 800 bhp awaits it’s soon to come launch.

This car is Affalterbach’s answer to the rival Porsche Panamera with the price touching £85,000. Those with deeper pockets and admiration for this model’s similarity with CLS must start getting ready with the cheques.


Audi E-tron:

This car wasn’t revealed at the motor show, but the brand did everything possible to give Jaguar’s I Pace a run for its money, by trying to steal the spotlight. It won the popularity contest against Jaguar pushing their I-Pace down to two ranks in popularity, but still did not completely win the match as the Jaguar will launch much sooner this summer, which is nowhere close to Audi’s 2019 sales dates. Sporadic uncovering of the car dressed in camouflage body did win some popularity brownie points for Audi.


Jaguar I-Pace:

This is perhaps the most awaited car to be seen at this year’s motor show. This is a true Jaguar that is capable of both, smooth urban drives in traffic contractions, as well as for cross-continental travel seducing the wanderlust in all drivers! In comparison to the electric derivatives of other cars this handles well, drives smooth and remains largely uncompromised.


Mercedes A-Class:

While this car was launched long before the Geneva motor show, the manufacturers decidedly to make a well-timed announcement about the pricing of this popular buy at the eve of the show. The pricing to be precise has been kept at £25,800. This pricing puts the car above many of its rivals and further pushes its popularity. The Mercedes A-class is the fifth best selling car in the UK this year and looks like it will keep up the spirit.


Ford Mustang Bullitt:

This car was launched back in the Detroit motor show, but this time at Geneva the manufacturers strategically mentioned that car would begin to go on sale in the UK and Europe. This strategy seems to have worked well for them, since the crowds started coming in the night before its unveiling. The car remained a strong focal point throughout the show.

These were the cars that made big news at this year’s Geneva motor show, however some other notable mentions include – BMW M8 Gran Coupé, Mercedes-AMG C43 facelift and indescribable live action at the show!


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