CESL installs solar-powered EV charging station in Ladakh

On the occasion of India's 75th Independence Day, Convergence Energy System Limited (CESL) has set up a solar-powered EV charging station in Ladakh. A CESL Twitter post claims that Ladakh has embarked on a clean mobility journey in its quest to become a carbon-neutral region.

Fast charging points for electric vehicles are powered by roof-mounted solar panels and a battery energy storage system. Furthermore, CESL claims that this electric car charging station is the first electric car garage of its kind PV-based EV carport connected to a rooftop solar power plant and energy storage system.

EV charging station

A video and photos shared by the company on social media show eight Hyundai Kona parked at an electric charging station. Four of these Kona can be seen plugged to two of the newly installed speed loaders and equipped with a dual pistol configuration.

Furthermore, to achieve carbon neutrality in Ladakh, CESL also announced that it has purchased Hyundai Kona electric vehicles intended for the government fleet. As claimed, the Kona models are equipped with a special battery heating technology suitable for powering electric vehicles in inclement weather conditions without compromising performance.

It is worth noting that CESL and the Ladakh Union Territory of Ladakh signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) last year for the Carbon Neutral Union Territory. As part of the agreement, CESL has established electric vehicle charging infrastructure and will deploy electric vehicles.

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