Buy the Tata Tigor iCNG or wait for the Tata Altroz iCNG?

Prices for the Altroz iCNG has not been announced at the moment, but the entry level variants will likely fit within your budget. Compared to the Tigor, the Altroz is more spacious and feels more modern and upscale, too. Additionally, Tata has cleverly stowed the CNG tanks below the trunk floor, so luggage space isn't compromised as in the Tigor iCNG; However, this repair on the Altroz iCNG comes at the cost of a spare tire, but to compensate, Tata will provide an emergency tire repair kit.

We haven't driven the Altroz iCNG yet, so we can't give you a definitive opinion on its performance, but based on our experience after extensive testing of the Tigor iCNG, we expect the performance to be nearly identical to the petrol version. Operating costs are also likely to be similar to Tigor iCNG. In our test, the Tigor CNG delivered an efficiency of 16.85 km/kg in the city and 25.86 km/kg on the highway, which at the rate of Rs 79/kg of CNG in Mumbai, equates to a running cost of Rs 4.7 / km in the city and 3.05 / km on the highway, which is well below the average running petrol price of Rs 8.3 / km.

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