World\'s costliest SUV, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, launched in India at Rs.6.95cr

British luxury car manufacturer Rolls-Royce has publicly hurled its first-ever all-landscape vehicle - the Rolls-Royce Cullinan - in India.

The SUV is coming at the rate of Rs. 6.95cr (ex-showroom), the Cullinan is the highpoint of lavish SUVs and offers world-class luxuries with excellent multi-terrain performance.

The Cullinan will vie with the likes of the Bentley Bentayga, Range Rover SV Autobiography, and the coming Mercedes-Maybach GLS.

Here's our great feature car.

Fact: Where the Rolls-Royce Cullinan takes its term from

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is termed after the Cullinan Diamond - the leading jewel-quality diamond ever established. The diamond was revealed at a coal mine in Cullinan, South Africa, and 3,106.75 carats (621.35 g).

Design: In spite of being an SUV, the Cullinan carries signature Rolls-Royce design-elements

When it comes to designs of such cars, the Cullinan sports the Rolls-Royce appear we've all originate to connect the great brand with.

With the best of Rolls-Royce's huge and iconic grille and the 'Spirit of Ecstasy' embellishment on it, the Cullinan appears equal to some of Rolls-Royce's contemporary luxury cars from the forward-facing.

Only when noticed from the side performs as the Cullinan give up the statistic that it is an SUV.

It has featured with 22-inch composite wheels and Rolls-Royce's name suicide entrances.

Infotainment: The Cullinan loaded with the state-of-the-art technology

The inside of the car is loaded with the state-of-the-art technology.

The control panel has greatest features touchscreen displays for getting entertainment, although the back travelers obtain 12-inch HD touchscreen monitors located on the rear of the forward-facing row seats.

The entertainment system, which features with a Blu-ray player and digital television, is supported by 18 speakers with the coming-generation of Rolls Royce's Personalized Audio system.

Luxury & features: The Cullinan creates no compromise on luxury or features

The cabin of the Cullinan is covered in comfortable leather, Rolls-Royce Tailored draperies, and carpets.

There is a great use of abundant metal to provide that first-rate appearance to the control panel and other exteriors, and the power seats available with a massage role.

The Cullinan is also armed with the latest technology such as night vision, humdrum and wildlife watchful, awareness associate, Wi-Fi hotspot, a 4-camera panoramic vision, and many more.

Engine: What the Cullinan sports under its hood

For an engine, the Cullinan features a huge 6.75-liter V12 engine that produces a vast 563bhp and 850Nm of highest twisting.

Obviously, being an SUV, the car sports with a four-wheel drive alte

ative and four-wheel direction-finding that enables for some ste

off-road action must its owners select to footstep the top-ranking track.

Look-wise at the Cullinan’s well-fu

ished right-angled design and without rebuffing the SUVs Rolls-Royce legacy, iconic obverse grille, Essence of Ecstasy et al. The grille is edged by two, smooth LED headlamps with combined DRLs. The obverse bumper has huge air consumptions that edge a matte-silver slew plate that wouldn’t viewpoint of place on the dinner table. On the other hand, in the rightest Rolls-Royce detect, the Cullinan has managed to cover the accurate amount of the SUV which in truth is 5 metres around (15 feet) long and 2 metres extensive, and it's just when you view the SUVs huge outline that you truly start to obtain logic of it. One of the best things that host the Cullinan separately are the attractively combined Suicide doors, accurate to the Rolls-Royce mode.

Move ahead with Rolls-Royce has been right to their nature assimilating technology and lavish with a touchscreen infotainment on the dashboard balancing with two high-definition 12-inch touchscreen screens placed at the rear of the obverse seats. The infotainment itself is combined with Blue-Ray player, a digital TV, and is supported by 18 speakers with the next-generation of Rolls-Royce custom-built audio system.

Set in motion it all is a behemoth, 6.75-litre V-12 engine that creates 563 hp and 850 Nm of twisting. Remarkably, the highest torque starts in as low as 1600 rpm which says, that the Cullinan has ability and power of building a fast exit. There’s four-wheel drive as well, though that performs without saying, and four-wheel navigation as well!

The Cullinan is based on an innovative Rolls Royce Platform that is named the ‘Architecture of Luxury’ and works an aluminum spaceframe that’s shared with the upcoming generation of Rolls Royce Spirit.
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