Tips for proper maintenance of tyres

The best way to ensure that your car tyres have a long life is to properly maintain them all throughout the year. A properly maintained car will give you better mileage and performance saving your big bucks down the road. Tyres are an integral part of your car. So it’s always better to take proper care of them so that you can stay safe on the road. rnrnHere are some of the tips to help you take good care of your car them. rn
  1. Do not try to save a few bucks by buying used or cheap tyres from your neighborhood car repair shop. It is absolutely essential that you go by this from a proper placernRemember that tyres, like a good pair of jeans, are an investment, something that should not be taken for granted. This will prove fruitful in the long run. 
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  3. Having said this, it is also important to know that you should never have a mismatch of them. It might seem like a good idea at that point of time to install one or two new tyres and keep the rest of the money aside but this will lead to uneven tread or even mechanical problems. So even if it seems like a cost-effective solution you might end up losing money. 
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  5. Do not ignore the small signs. Always make sure you check for the wear and tear in your tyres and repair them as soon as you get the chance. It will help extend their longevity as well as keep you safe on the road. 
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  7. When talking about tyres it is always recommended to keep them properly inflated. Make sure that they have proper pressure. Without this, they might lose speed, acceleration or much worse, the brakes.  Check frequently to maintain appropriate inflation.
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  9. Also, remember to keep the tyres balanced on both sides. Uneven tyres can be the cause of excessive tread wear which will lead to the withering of the rubber prematurely. A small trick to avoid this problem is to rotate or spin them once a month to make the thickness uniform. 
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  11. Avoid over-spinning your tyres. Sometimes it is possible to get stuck in the snow or mud and most drivers often tend to excessively spin them to get out. This means that you are overworking not only the rubber but also the wires and mount on them which may lead to irreversible damage. rn
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  13. Lastly, proper handling is required when mounting it. It is better to consult a mechanic to mount them if you are even a little bit unsure. If incorrectly attached, they will be fatal on the road. It is extremely dangerous and might cause harm to both the car as well as yourself. rnTyres are made to give thousands of kilometers of service. For the highest benefit, maintain them properly to avoid any damage that may have dire consequences. 
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