Tesla in India: These states invite Elon Musk to set up EV manufacturing plants in India

Elon Musk continued to receive splashy offers from a couple of Indian state governments after he put out a tweet suggesting the challenges in getting a permit in India for Tesla electric vehicles. On Thursday (January 13) last week, Elon Musk tweeted that he is still working on many challenges with the government to set up Tesla electric car manufacturing units in India. "He is still working on many challenges with the government," the billionaire wrote in a post providing an update to a Twitter query asking for an update on Tesla's India business plan.

At least four senior ministers from Telangana, Maharashtra, Punjab and West Bengal have extended invitations to Musk to set up a Tesla manufacturing plant in their states.

Telangana Industry and Commerce Minister KT Rama Rao was the first to invite Musk after the Tesla CEO posted this tweet. Telangana Industry and Commerce Minister KT Rama Rao wrote, "I would love to partner with Tesla to overcome the challenges of setting up shop in India/Telangana. Our state is a champion in sustainability initiatives and a top-notch business destination in India".

Later, the Maharashtra Minister of Water Resources and State NCP chief, Jayant Patil, also invited Elon Musk to establish a Tesla plant in the central state.

Tesla in India

Patel wrote: "Maharashtra is one of the most progressive states in India. We will give you all necessary assistance from Maharashtra to get established in India. You are welcome to establish your factory in Maharashtra."

Punjab Congress Speaker Navjot Singh Sidu also struck a similar chord. In response to Musk's tweet, Seydoux wrote: "The Punjab model will create Ludhiana as a hub for the electric car and battery industry with a time-limited window for investment that will bring new technology to Punjab, create green jobs, walking path of environment preservation and sustainable development.

West Bengal is the lastest in the list as Minister Md Ghulam Rabbani on Sunday took to Twitter, inviting Musk to “drop here" and set up his business in the state.

The 58-year-old billionaire has been tweeting regularly, calling for import tariffs to be lowered so his company's high-performance electric vehicles can start being sold in India.

However, the Union heavy industries ministry had asked the leading electric vehicle company to first start manufacturing electric vehicles in India before considering tax concessions. Tesla has asked the union government to standardize electric car fees at 40%, regardless of customs value, and to drop an additional 10% welfare fee on such vehicles, according to the PTI news agency.

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