Sokudo Electric launches new helmet line for riders

New Delhi: Sokudo Electric India has introduced a new line of full-face helmets in black, catering to both male and female riders. Priced at INR 949 for men and INR 1017 for women, these ISI certified helmets are designed to prioritize rider safety and comfort. The company aims to capture 2-3% of India's USD 2 billion helmet market within the first year and contribute 1% of its total revenue for the financial year 2025.

The new Sokudo Electric helmets are made of non-breakable virgin plastic, ensuring strength and durability under tough conditions. These helmets exceed the IS 4151 standard for helmets and provide superior impact absorption and retention strength. Weighing less than 1kg, it is lightweight and convenient for long-distance travel. Each helmet comes with a comprehensive one-year guarantee.

Prashant Vashista, CMD of Sokudo Electric India, said, "Since inception, one of our top priorities has been to improve passenger safety and make long-distance travel more convenient and comfortable for our customers. We hope that our affordable line of helmets Delivering on our promise to deliver exceptional products that support safety and allow us to set new quality benchmarks in protective gear."

The helmets are available for purchase through Sokudo Electric's official website and flagship stores. Customers who buy the company's electric scooters will be able to get these helmets at a reduced price. This initiative reinforces the company's commitment to improving passenger safety and supporting local manufacturing efforts in India.

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Sokudo Electric India, known primarily for its electric two-wheelers, is venturing into manufacturing passenger safety equipment with this new line of helmets. The full face design, combined with high quality materials, aims to provide optimal protection against potential accidents. The new products are tailored specifically for male and female cyclists, adding a personalized touch to safety gear.

The company's expansion into the helmet market is a strategic move to diversify its offering and build a comprehensive safety ecosystem for cyclists. Its aim to capture a significant share of the Indian helmet market reflects confidence in the quality and appeal of its new product line.

This new launch is in line with Sokudo Electric India's mission to enhance the overall driving experience, ensuring safety and comfort for its users. This initiative not only aims to increase market share, but also confirms the company's commitment to quality and road safety standards.

By making these helmets readily available and offering them at discounted prices to scooter purchasers, Sokudo Electric India hopes to encourage wider use of safety equipment among its customer base. The move highlights the company's proactive approach to passenger safety and is consistent with its broader safety and manufacturing goals in India.

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