Roadster Drag Race: BMW Z4 Vs. Porsche Boxster GTS Vs. Audi TTS

Although every car has its specifications, the features of the cars are compared by the people. Only the comparisons of features and looks aren’t enough, but the speed of the vehicle needs to be tested to take the right decision. In the UK, the folks of CarWoW thought of comparing these roadsters to not refer to the paper comparisons, but these cars were put in the Roadster drag race. The cars which have participated in this race are Porsche 718 Boxster GTS, Audi TTS Roadster and the BMW Z4 M40i. These three cars fought with each other in parallel lines to find out the best performance of the particular car. rnrnWhen the specifications are measured on paper, then the Z4 M40i has the compelling advantages like 3.0 liter of turbocharged six-cylinder engine which can pump out more than 380 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque and this can let the car push towards 60mph within 4.4 seconds range of time. It also uses the 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox which transfers the output to the rear wheels of the car. rnrnThe 718 Boxster GTS is powered with 2.5 liters of the turbocharged flat-four engine, and it produces more than 360 hp and 317 lb-ft torque which is again sent to the rear wheels with seven-speed double clutch automatic transmission. This car can reach the distance of 60mph faster as compared to the M40i within 3.9 seconds in papers. Among the BMW Z4 Vs. Porsche Boxster GTS Vs. Audi TTS, Porsche Boxster has the chance to come on the second position as per the written features. rnrnFinally, the Audi TTS Roadster is also an amazing car with 2.0 liter TFSI unit which generates 306hp and 280 lb-ft torque. The main reason due to which this car is stronger than the other competitors is that has Quattro all-wheel driving system which spread the engine output towards all of the four wheels with its seven speed double clutch automatic transmission feature. Although, it is believed that keeping Audi TTS Roadster in this Roadster Drag Race is quite unfair. rn

Which of the convertibles do you want to make a bet on?

rnThe Roadster Drag Race is a thrilling and exciting race for the drivers and the viewers both. In the case of these three cars, it is kind of mismatch. The BMW Z4 is the newest roadster car in the market, and it faces fierce competition with the Audi TTS and Roofless Porsche Boxster. rnrnAmong the BMW Z4 Vs. Porsche Boxster GTS Vs. Audi TTS, the fans were excited to see the race. On which you would have placed your bet if you saw the race? All of the three cars are strong competitors except the Audi TTS which shouldn’t be in this race. The specifications of all the vehicles are quite impressive, but when it comes to racing, Audi left behind in this race. The BMW Z4 M40i is powered with the turbocharged six engines and can push to the speed of 60mph within 4.4 seconds. rnrnComing to the Porsche Boxster GTS, it has four-pot mill underneath the bonnet, and its turbocharged engine is quite strong offering 365 hp with 317 lb-feet of torque. It spreads the torque towards the rear wheels of the car also but through the speed dual clutch which is automatic. This car reached the speed of 60mph from a standstill position within 3.9 seconds, and it is imposing. The roadster race of BMW Z4 Vs. Porsche Boxster GTS Vs. Audi TTS gathered the fans of the cars and drivers both. All of these cars had fantastic engines and transmissions along with superb wheel drive functions. rnrnOnly the Audi had 2.0 litre four pot while Boxster had 2.5 litres of flat four engine. Audi is featured with the all-wheel drive feature, but its rival featured only rear driving. To know the answer to the race test, you have to watch the race; otherwise, you aren’t going to enjoy listening to the name of winning a car. The race was quite superb, and it held on 15th June 2019 while drivers were excited about the racing, the fans were looking forward to knowing about the winning car. So, even if someone is planning to buy one of these cars, then that person shouldn’t only check the written specifications of the car, but the racing video is going to help you a lot in taking the right decision. There are no chances that the decision would go wrong after knowing the name of winning a car.
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