UM Motorcycles Renegade Duty Ace

The new series of um motorcycle with the name of UM Renegade Duty Ace is similar to the previously released bike Duty S. There are similarities in the electrical and mechanics of the same and is called to be a great stylish American cruiser. Engine for both these bikes is the same but when it comes to some additional features, the Duty Ace has air-cooled, a single-cylinder that comes with a 223cc carburetted engine. The newly provided engine makes 17 PS called as the maximum power at 8,000rpm and comes with a peak torque of 17Nm at 5,000rpm. 

The engine of this bike has a 5-speed gearbox which helps in the transmission of power to the rear wheel. The best attractive part of this bike is that the same comes along with a dual-tone color scheme, some chunky front forks, and tires, a circular headlamp which has a black cowl, a fuel tank that is sloping and has red and white strips. The bike also has a small rider seat. The fuel efficiency offered by the bike is 41Kmpl and the design used in the same is altogether a great success for the company comparing all its previous launches.

 There exists a color-coded cowl which covers the pillion seat. The same is featured to be removed so that the same can accommodate the pillion. The bike has some additional design traits which include the presence of chrome-ga

ished exhaust, LED tail lamp, a chopped rear mudguard, lot wheels, better suspension, and a blacked-out engine. There also exists a dual feature of both digital and analog instruments for the cluster. 

 The Odometer, trip meter all come with digital display. Apart from this, the digital display also exists for the fuel gauge and the gear position indicator. There exists, analog features to know the speed. 

 There exists a suspension assembly which includes a 41mm telescopic front forks and for the rear, there are twin-hydraulic spring shock absorbers.

 Even the safety measures have been given due importance and brakes are taken full care by providing 280mm single front disc and a 130mm rear drum brake. The ABS is standard and this cruiser gets a 17-inch front wheel with tire size as which 120/80-17 and for the Rear there is a 15-inch unit with the tire size as 130/90-15 section tires.

 With all the features and facilities offered, the bike is all set to go rock and roll in the market. One of the most awaited bikes of the year is what we call the same. 

 Duty Ace Mileage

UM Renegade Duty Ace, one great bike for all types of riders. It offers its users a mileage of 41 kmpl. The said mileage is a claimed one by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

 Duty Ace Specifications

  1. The mileage offered as per ARAI is 41 know. 
  2. The engine type used in the bike is a single-cylinder, 4-Stroke, 4-Valve.
  3. Mileage as per the (ARAI) is 41 kmpl.
  4. The Displacement offered on the bike is 223 cc.
  5. As read in point 2, there exists only 1 cylinder in the bike. 
  6. The UM renegade duty ace offers a maximum Power as 17 PS @ 8000 rpm together with a maximum torque as 17 Nm @ 5000 rpm.
  7. There are disc brakes for both front and rear brakes. 
  8. The fuel capacity of the bike is 10 liters.
  9. The bike has a body type of Cruiser Bikes.

 UM Renegade Duty Ace Features

  1. The bike has ABS with Dual Channel.
  2. There is no option available for mobile connectivity.
  3. The odometer, speedometer, trip meter have a digital functioning.
  4. There is also a fuel gauge in the all-new um renegade duty ace. The same has digital operability. 

 Engine and Transmission details

  1. The engine type of the bike is a single-cylinder, 4-Stroke, 4-Valve.
  2. The displacement of the bike is 223 CC. 
  3. The maximum power offered by the bike is 17 PS @ 8000 rpm and there exists a maximum Torque of 17 Nm @ 5000 rpm.
  4. There is just one cylinder available on the bike. 
  5. The cooling system used in the bike is oil-cooled.
  6. Total no. The valve per cylinder is 4.
  7. The drive type of bike is chain drive. 
  8. The bike comes along with 2 in one feature and provides its user with both the option of self-start and kick start.
  9. The Ignition of Um renegade duty ace is Spark Ignition with a transmission which js manual.
  10. The gearbox of the bike is 5-speed.
  11. The speed bore of the new Um renegade is 66.5 mm and the stroke is 66.2 mm. 

  Features and Safety details

  1. The ABS offered on the bike is dual channel. 
  2. The speedometer, odometer, trip meter, fuel gauge are all digital. 
  3. There exists a digital pass switch on the bike and the Um renegade is devoid of engine immobilizer and anti-theft alarm. 

 Mileage and Performance details 

 As per the check of ARAI, the mileage offered by the bike is 41 km.

  Chassis and Suspension details

  1. The body type of bike is type cruiser. 
  2. The front bike suspension has a hydraulic telescopic and the rear bike suspension has a hydraulic with spring. 

 Dimensions and Capacity details

  1. The length of the bike is 1972 mm and the width of the same is 730 mm. 
  2. The height of the bike is 1135 mm. 
  3. The bike comes with a fuel capacity of 10 liters.
  4. The ground clearance of the bike is 180 mm. 
  5. The wheelbase of the bike is 1360 mm and the kerb weight of Um renegade bike is 140 kg. 

  Electricals details 

  1. The headlight used in the bike is Halogen. 
  2. The tail light is all LED and even the tu

    signal lamp has an LED lamp. 

 Tires and Brakes details

  1. The size of the tire differs for both the front and rear. In UM Motorcycles Renegade Duty Ace, the front tire size is 120/80-17 and the rear tire size is 130/90-15.
  2. The tire used in the bike is all tubeless. 
  3. The wheel size of the bike has in front 17 inches while that of the rear is 15 inches. 
  4. There are disc brakes for the front brake and the rear brake has drum brakes. 
  5. The diameter of the front brake is 280 mm and that of the rear brake is 130 mm. 
  6. There are radial tires on the bike.

 The estimated cost of UM Motorcycles Renegade Duty Ace

 The estimated cost of the said bike is said to be INR 1.29 Lakhs. This is not the on-road price and the same will be revealed soon.

 The expected launch date

 Sep 2019 is said to be the expected launch date of the bike.


Some of the tough competitors of the UM Motorcycles Renegade Duty Ace are Yamaha YZF R15 V3, Royal Enfield Classic 350, Bajaj Pulsar NS200, KTM 125 Duke, Bajaj Pulsar 220 F, KTM 200 Duke, Royal Enfield Bullet 350, Bajaj Pulsar RS200, Yamaha MT 15. Amidst the same, the UM Motorcycles Renegade Duty Ace has to create a market for itself and for sure the same will do so.
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