Petrol Pump Frauds: Follow these tips to avoid getting conned at fuel stations

Here are few things you can do to ensure you get every drop for your buck at the petrol pump

Check the meter before refueling

Always be sure to reset the meter to 0 before an attendant begins to fill up with fuel. Keep an eye on the meter all times while refueling your vehicle. The attendant may attempt to block your view to the meter while you are in the vehicle. It is advisable to get out of the car and check if the meter has been reset.

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Refuel at the famous Petrol Pump

It is always advisable to refuel at a reputable petrol pump close to your home and workplace, unless you need to refuel urgently. Request a printed invoice after payment. It is recommended to only make payments with credit and debit cards.

Avoid refueling in common communities

Avoid refueling in common denominations such as Rs 500, Rs 1000 or Rs 2000. The machine may have an electronic chip installed that will deliver less fuel for these common denominations.

Start-stop scam

Beware of the start-stop scam if an attendant refuels for lower amount than you asked for. For example, if you ask the attendant for Rs 2,000 worth of fuel and he "accidentally" fill less, you are probably trying to stop a start and finish scam. After pointing out your mistake, the wizard may pretend to reset the device, but never does, while you fill in the remaining amount and you may be cheated.

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