New Fox Racing Motocross Helmet

The latest Fox Racing Motocross Helmet was announced to the media now. The entirely new V3 helmet comprises plenty of cutting-edge technology to alleviate low effect and revolving energy. Fox partnered with Fluid Inside, a company that has executed thorough research on head wounds and functions with companies to incorporate its technology into helmets. They have functioned with lots more with Hockey, Football and Equestrian helmet companies, but this now the first motocross / off-road helmet to use Fluid Inside technology. Fluid Inside functions with helmet makers to intentionally place their Pods, which are built to mimic the Cerebral Spinal Fluid that settings the human brain within the brain, within the helmet and jingle them for the particular requirements of every sport and helmet design.

The state-of-the-art Fox V3 Fox Racing Helmet has a very forceful design that uses a two-piece explosive and Fluid Inside technology furthermore to their MVRS screen retention system.

The other imperative latest design component integrated into the new Fox Racing V3 helmet is the two-piece casing design. The complete forward-facing of the Racing helmet is a distinct polycarbonate / ABS component known as the Cage. The crate is attached to the shell and EPS throughout the engineering procedure. Fox took this strategy to give a way to utilize a more supple material in the chinbar, which is almost certain to break in an impact, and also assimilate much larger aeration ports in the chinbar. The helmet comprises much larger aeration ports all through the helmet than you will find on other helmets. These huge ventilation docks comprise holed covers (Super Injected Mesh) that are powerful enough to prevent infiltration, which is an essential part of the US DOT helmet standard.

The front view displays the huge vents incorporated into of the top/front and chinbar

The back of the Fox V3 helmet comprises huge ventilation docks.

The state-of-the-art Fox Racing V3 Helmet also makes use of the next generation of the Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS). This was incorporated into the prior generation Fox V3 helmet and lets the visor to escape in influence to lessen the possibility of winding the rider’s neckline. The MVRS was beforehand incorporated into a current helmet shell and this innovative model permitted for a more strong retention system to keep it from occurring without the main influence but will still enable the visor to break free in a crash.

The latest design of the Fox V3 helmet also uses Varizorb EPS liner. Some other helmet brands/models utilize the same technology, often stated to as “Cone Head”. Fox selected this to let for premeditated assignment of crease districts.

The interior of the helmet utilizes Fluid Inside technology to decrease revolving and low impact energy. It also makes use of a Varizorb EPS facing.

There are four different shell sizes utilized for the latest V3 helmet and it permits the US DOT and ECE helmet standards. The requested weight is 1,350 grams, which is the same as the prior Fox V3 model.

The recommended retail price for the innovative Fox Racing V3 helmet is $500 for the white and black models and those will be offered in bike dealers and accessory stores on May 2nd. The Zebra print will be presented a day later on May 3rd.  

The cutting-edge Fox Racing V3 helmet will be introduced with the colors of black, white and this Zebra graphic to initiate. Extra graphics designs will be introduced later this year.

New Fox Racing Motocross Helmet

There has been conjecture about the latest Fox Racing motocross helmet being presented this season and Fox sponsored sportspersons initiated putting on a new helmet this past vacation. Team Honda HRC’s Ken Roczen and GEICO Honda’s Chase Sexton and Christian Craig were all putting on the new model at the East Rutherford, New Jersey Supercross. Sexton gained his first ever 250SX major event win in New Jersey. Germany’s Manuel Lettenbichler was also wearing the latest helmet towards winning the Machete Hard Enduro in the Dominican Republic.

Cycle News got an invitation to a Fox event occurring later this week that comprised a password-protected USB drive. We are likely to lea

lots more about the latest helmet and will share the information here as quickly as that is presented.
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