MG Motor India launches digital car exploration platform

MG Motor India on Wednesday launched its digital vehicle exploration platform, MG eXpert, which provides customers product discovery and an online assisted buying experience. Using human intervention and augmented reality (AR) technology, MG eXpert offers a comprehensive set of flexible and convenient interactions for a holistic purchase experience to customers across multiple touchpoints from their homes, the company said.

In the last two years, there has been a change in consumer behavior with flexibility and need for convenience of doings things at their own time as a priority, said Gaurav Gupta, chief commercial officer of MG Motor India, along with their mindset that leans more towards e-commerce

“We also feel that technology has evolved so much that we should be able to challenge ourselves in terms of what we can offer the customer, from the perspective of how the customer interacts with our product,” Gupta told PTI of the idea. behind bringing the MG eXpert.

digital car exploration platform

Through this platform, he said, in addition to taking a virtual look at the car, customers can get insight into key aspects of the car buying journey, such as road price, expected delivery date, variant comparison, thus effectively bringing the dealership experience home.

Additionally, customers can book a test drive at their nearest dealership, he added.

"(MG eXpert) is now ready to go to the market and then eventually, in a few weeks, we will bring it fully to all of India 24/7," Gupta said.

Based on the experience manager tool of Eccentric Engine, MG eXpert brings together audio and visual content to deliver seamless product exploration, bridging the gap between virtual and face-to-face interaction.

“Our new Experience Manager will provide immense opportunities to our partner MG Motor and their dealership partners to create unparalleled engagement with their customers by changing the nature of interactions,” said Varun Shah, co-founder and CEO of Eccentric Engine.

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