Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2018 Vs BMW X2

While we talk about the supercars there are two common names that our lips like to utter first. One is BMW and the other is Mercedes Benz. There are various supercars like Porsche, Lamborghini, Telstra, Audi, Jaguar; however, these two cars are considered to be the most common among them. Every year, these two leading brands come up with variants which have got eye-catching look along with superpower and performance and also includes some additional features that deliver luxury to the passengers and an extra comfort with some added advantage for the riders. The agility in dynamics with an athletic look would ignite the adventurous soul in the rider.



This variant has got an athletic look in its exte
al design which has got the agility to commute with its pulling power of 400 Nm. The design with a perfect view would delight the riders and would provide sufficient room to sit and relax. The control keys over the fingertips would help to control its navigation, connectivity, entertainment and other functionalities including an elevation and ones that can happen on a real-time basis. The Sporty look with its spectacular sloping roofline along with the impressive alloy wheels enhances its creative look.

The Mercedes Benz C- class 2018


The C – Class cabin is popular for its form and function. It holds a central hub to control its entertainment, engagements and other enjoyment function keys to control the displays and the other comforts that would make it extremely luxurious. The seats along with other interior designs are crafted and tailored with beauty and innovation. The craftsmanship is all finished with extra care to make it look good and ensure that people can feel the comfort in reality along with its genuine quality. The efficiency with its turbo performance enhances the sedan performance along with an acceleration of 241 horsepower. In case you are driving on roads that are slippery, the all-wheel drive takes an instant action by converting the torque into the grip and creates agility at the dry co

The Comparison

The Mercedes Benz C – Class does not have co
ering braking control; however, the BMW X2 bears the standard one. The former one has got brake assist but the latter does not have one. While comparing the dimensions along with the exte
al dimension with overall length, wheelbase rear track and curb base there are lots of difference between the two and both of them have got different dimensions along with varied capacity. In case of suspension, the suspension features are responsive with an agile control in the Mercedes Benz – C class. The Benz C- class has got a curb weight of 1705 kg while the other one has got a gross weight of 2145 KG and a published curb weight of 1736 KG. There are 5 speakers with a sub-woofer available in the Mercedes but the BMW does not have any.The driver modes which include engine mapping and steering Dynamic Select are available in the Mercedes Benz – C class. The smart key feature is present in BMW x2 and it has got a rear radar and camera parking distance sensor. The Voice activating system is available in the Mercedes Benz C – CLASS. The Mercedes has got a multi-function display screen (7.0 and 2) while BMW X 2 has got a multi-function display screen (6.5 and 1).

Overall, both the cars are geniuses in their own areas and are considered to be the best while we are talking about luxury and comfort. Apart from the comparisons mentioned above, there are other features which are missing in them; however, they are equipped with varied technology and a lot of innovation. Both of them combine wonderful performance and comfort and you may choose any one of the two depending on your requirements.  

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