Mandatory BIS certification for two-wheeled helmets as of June 2021: MoRTH

As per the revised safety regulations in India, BIS(Standards Bureau of India) certification for two-wheeled helmets is compulsory and thus bear the ISI mark as of June 1, 2021. This means that only two-wheeled helmets can be sold in the country that meets the said standards Above. This step was taken in an effort to eliminate the sale of low-quality two-wheeled helmets and improve safety.
The new regulations also canceled the previous ruling that was formed in 2018 which stipulated that the weight of the helmet should not exceed 1.2 kg. This restricted the sale of imported helmets in the country that did not carry the ISI mark and weighed much more than the limit.
However, the revised standards allow imported helmets to be sold as long as they meet Indian standards. As most of the imported high-quality helmets meet various inte
ational standards such as DOT and ECE, it can be sold in India.

Below is the press release issued by the Ministry of Land Transport and Highways:
According to the instructions of the Road Safety Committee of the Supreme Court to consider the use of the lightest helmets in India that are adapted to the climatic conditions of the country and which to ensure compliance among citizens for wearing helmets, a committee has been formed. The panel brought together experts from various fields, including medical experts from AIIMS as well as from BIS. Now, according to the commission's recommendations, the Bank for Inte
ational Settlements has revised the specifications by which it is expected that helmets are made lighter and have mandatory certification for two-wheeled helmets. With good competition in the Indian market and many helmet manufacturers, the competition is now expected to allow good quality and demand for lighter helmets.

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