List of Top 10 Popular German Car Companies

Auto Industry is a rising sun in today’s arena. So are the companies in the industry. Auto Industry is keen on growing day by day. It has the caliber to take most out of the commerce. Well, not all the companies out there are working well these times. Some are still struggling there and some have taken up the market in their pocket. German companies are the famous in the Industry. They have a special features and design, which most others don’t have. It is their sheer respect why they have such a business.

German manufacturers are doing quite much good these days. We will have a look into the top 10 German car companies ruling the road this time around. Let’s start with the list. And see who is doing what in the market. The list will only consider the 10 popular names, while there are many who are doing quite much good these days.


Audi is a German manufacturer company which is quite much famous in the auto Industry. Needless to mention, that it is one of the best manufacturer company out there in the market. It is the oldest manufacturing company in the today’s arena.  It is the sheer esteem that the company is enjoying its benefits in the market. It has a wonderful design and the luxury that threads the buyers in the loop.

It always comes up in a wonderful model with top class features and modalities. This company is one of the fastest growing and well established companies in the auto sector this time around.

audi car audi car


Well, you might be well aware of this company. It is one of the best car manufacturing companies in the German names. It is a company known for its quite impressive features and Ideologies that shook the chains of getting into the old fashioned cars. It is a perfect blend of the luxury, power, respect and class in one pack. It usually comes up with a lot surprises to the buyers out there. The model design, engine, power and others, are absolutely perfect.

Mercedes car Mercedes car


Another great German car manufacturer company this time around is the BMW. It is a wonderful and magnificent car maker company out there in the market. It is always among the top companies in the world. It is one such car company whose craze you can clearly observe from its sales. It has a sleek design in its models. And with a powerful engine to drive off the craze.



Now comes the Volkswagen in the list. It is a known and great car company in the German name. It has in its vagabond a huge list of cars that took the world by storm. It usually comes up with different variants to take up the market in its pocket. The models that the company produces is of the best quality with the powerful engine and the take away that will force you take a test drive of this model. It also has a strong buyers list and they are ready to pay for the quality that the company provides.



Another big name is in the list is the Porsche. Now it is again a wonderful car company in the today’s arena. It takes most of the crowd by the news of the launch of its new model. It has huge commerce in the industry these days. The models that come up with the name of the company are quite stylish for the buyer. It has the luxurious sitting in the cabin. All the buyer wants from the model is comfort, safety and class. And this model has all of them in a good amount.


Adam Opel AG

This is another famous German company. It took the market by storm when it arrived in the market. It is one of the fastest growing car manufacturer companies out there in the market. It takes on a seat that is reserved for the rising stars in the auto industry. Its models are of a sleek design, quite powerful engine and different facets of the model makes it look appealing to buyers.

Adam Opel AG Car Adam Opel AG Car


It is a German car manufacturer company in the today’s arena. It is rising industry in the German market. It is a strong and potential survivor of the cut throat market competition. It takes on a different kind of stand when it comes to the luxury. It makes the buyers feel the luxury. It has a powerful engine design in the models to admire the model.

Alpina Car Alpina Car

Bitter Cars

Don’t go by the name. They are actually sweet when it comes to the great performance from its models. The German car company is a rising star. It takes on a shape that will be pleasant to our eyes. It is one such model for which people are ready to pay good amount.

Bitter Cars Bitter Cars


It is German Car Company doing quite good these days. It is one of the fastest growing in the Industry. And is expected to grow ahead. It will be a fun to watch the competition.

Isdera Cars Isdera Cars


Last in the list. It is a wonderful a car company.  It will see its market grow few times ahead.

Gumpert Car 

Gumpert Car

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