How to learn car driving easily.


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car driving easily. To be a skilled driver, all you need to do is practicing a lot, and by reading this article, you will know how to begin.


Before You Start


Let's start with the basics of a car. A manual car comes with three pedals; clutch, brake, and accelerator. These three pedals are placed at the bottom of the driver seat where the driver can fully control his or her vehicle through both the feet. The clutch is used when you are going to start the vehicle, and changing the gear; also, to use the brake pedal you will also require a clutch. The brake and accelerator are very simple to use. Whenever you feel the need to slow down the car, press the brake. The speed of your car depends on how firmly you press the brake. The accelerator works in the same way. The clutch pedal, on the other hand, is not that simple to understand by a new driver. The clutch is essential because it connects the engine to the driver wheels.


Drive Your Car in Eleven Simple Steps

To be the smart driver for the first time check out the following steps given below:



    1. Find a safe, desolated area where no other car or living being seems to visit, let alone a child.


    1. Hop on the driver seat and put on your seat belt.


    1. Put the car key into the ignition


    1. Get to know about the gears


    1. Press the clutch down; it is on your left side


    1. Start the engine while pushing the clutch


    1. Move the gear into first gear option while not letting the clutch down.


    1. Slowly remove your leg from the clutch when you feel the car is ready to go


    1. With your right foot, push the accelerator gently to move the car on its way


    1. Remove the handbrake


    1. Increase your speed with the accelerator pedal and use the brake pedal whenever required.


Note: If you remove your foot too quickly from the clutch pedal then the car will more likely to be stalled and the engine might cut out. This also happens when you don’t give it enough speed to set the car on its way.


While driving, do not forget to check out your surroundings. Adjusting the rearview mirror and looking at the glasses on your sides is also what you need to do while driving. Once you get into the driver seat, leave your other thoughts. Only focus on to the road ahead. Or else, you will not be able to see what is coming on your way.

Keep these things in mind and you will be able to lea
driving quite easily!


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