Lamborghini Huracan

It has been 5 years since the first glimpse of Lamborghini Huracan. This speedster attracted every car lover from all over the world in Geneva Auto Show for the very first time and later in the second quarter of 2014, it came into the market officially. Everyone who has played video games, who have dreamt of having a sports car someday is known of Lamborghini Gallardo. This first V10 offering of Italian sports car marque was changed and modified to become Lamborghini Huracan.

This speed beast is not only having great machinery but also the killer looks. It got its name after the Spanish fighting bull Huracán which was known for its courage. This baby is equipped with an ultra version of every last number of fitting to rule the roads by speed.

As for overview, there are no hybrid systems here in this car and instead of that, it's carrying the legacy, the familiarity with the 5.2 liter V10 petrol engine. Though it is reworked heavily before fitting into the middle of the car. This system also allows the freedom of driving all four wheels. There is also a new seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox with all-new chassis in Huracan. It is partially constructed of carbon, which is 50% more stiffer than the Gallardo’s.

Though Huracan is a beast in its looks it rides very well, noticeably in an un-Lambo manner. This sounding busy, not ballsy, while the suspension isolates bumps, is quite surprising and unexpected from Lamborghini but very pleasant and comfortable at the end. All you have to do is take this speed machine to a good piece of road where it will unleash its another side of its personality. During any drive, one can feel that all the components are fitted with purpose and well-calibrated. The car has a 5204 cc engine displacement and it chu
s out a massive power of 630 bhp. It is also fitted with 10 cylinders to unleash its full capability. Huracan generates a 600 Nm of peak torque and the split is 30:70 with the added advantage of 100% of torque working in the rear if needed. This speed monster can go

0-100 kmph in just 2.9 seconds which is also due to reduced weight and improved aerodynamics. This aerodynamics also allows the Huracan to change between maximum downforce and low-drag setup only by adjusting flaps in the rear as well as the front of the car. It can go up to 325 kmph, enchanting right? Blink of an eye and you are away….

Anyway, inside the car the ambiance is theatrical, dramatic and laden with both jet-inspired functionality and Audi-donated quality. ( For those who don't know, Lamborghini is owned by Volkswagen Motors and allied with Audi) Also, there’s no central screen, instead of that all functions are dealt with the main display behind the steering wheel. Huracan also doesn't have any traditional gear lever either, while the Anima button on the wheel allows you to toggle through the various Strada or sport or Corsa options. It can be changed between This Supercar makes full use of lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber for delivering unmatched performance without compromising on the characteristic styling. Its ultra-sleek nose,

razor-sharp headlamps, spoked alloys, and aggressive haunches are noteworthy features of the Huracan design on the outside while unmatched quality and innovative technology are mixed to create a class in the inside. Finally, one can switch between a 2-door coupé or a 2-door convertible configuration of this car.

Huracan was so attractive and noticeable that in June 2019, an off-road concept sports car based on the Huracán Evo called the Huracán Sterrato was launched by Lamborghini. The ground clearance of this car was increased by 47 mm (2 in) with the car's front approach improved by 1% and the departure angle enhanced by 6.5% for a perfect off-road experience. It is also equipped with improved skid pads to protect against debris. Fog lights fitted in the front of the car completes the aggressive appearance.

These all look sporty, classy, amazing but they all come in the Lamborghini Huracan and it has a price of 2.99-3.97 crores varying from place to place. Stunned right?? But if you like Lamborghini, you already knew what you wanted to be when you grow up, and it wasn’t necessarily civilized.

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image source-Wikipedia, Trabalhos ESMAD


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