Jeep India launches new ChatGPT-based AI tool for real time customer support

Jeep India has launched Jeep Expert, an AI-powered chatbot integrated into the Jeep Life mobile app. The chatbot aims to improve customer support by providing brand-specific answers and 24/7 expert assistance. Brochures and manuals are no longer necessary because users can acquire all the information through the chatbot. For all registered users of the Jeeplife India app, Jeep Expert provides an easy-to-use chat interface.

The Indian business unit of American lifestyle SUV maker Jeep has launched the ChatGPT-based Jeep Expert chatbot. This chatbot aims to improve the company's customer service experience. The AI tool is integrated into the Jeep Life mobile app. This new feature will provide Jeep brand-specific answers to customers and will have an expert available 24/7.


The Jeep Expert app eliminates the need for users to navigate through guides and brochures to extract information about Jeep products and services. With the ability to answer brand, product and maintenance questions, users can now take advantage of the tool to access information about their vehicles.

Jeep Expert also offers a simple chat service interface. All registered users of the Jeeplife mobile app can access the Jeep Expert app and get an integrated and user-friendly experience.

Jeep Expert: Highlights

  • Providing an off-road Jeep expert available 24/7 for customer inquiries.
  • Address inquiries about brand, product features, basic off-road capabilities, service tips, user manuals, connectivity features and more.
  • Through conversational expertise, the AI-based Jeep Expert can handle and respond appropriately even to untrained content
  • Industry first among Indian OEMs
  • Available on the Jeeplife India app, the app is based on ChatGPT 3.5 AI model

Jeep Expert uses OpenAI's ChatGPT AI technology which allows the system to learn and train autonomously using large amounts of data. This allows the tool to answer a wider range of questions than other real-time chat services.

Powered by ChatPDF and ChatGPT 3.5 technology, the real-time chat feature ensures secure and private customer interaction.

Questions and responses are end-to-end encrypted, maintaining user privacy without any traceability to specific user IDs. Jeep also seeks user feedback through an in-app feedback mechanism.

In India, the Jeep lineup consists of Wrangler, Compass, Meridian and Grand Cherokee. India is the first Jeep-branded country outside North America to manufacture 4 models locally and export them to other right-hand drive markets around the world. The Jeep brand is part of the portfolio offered by Stellantis, the world's leading automobile manufacturer and transportation provider.

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