Important Do’s and Don’ts of Modifying Your Two Wheelers

Some bike enthusiasts don't like to change anything about their two-wheeler. On the other hand, some bike lovers like to modify and customize their bikes. Modifying your bike can be liberating and satisfying. Bikers like to express themselves through their bike, and modifying their two-wheeler is another way of doing it.

The bike can be modified in different ways as per one’s budget and interest. However, this can be expensive affair and demands expertise. Just like riding a bike, you need to be careful about bike modifying as well.

Do’s Regarding Modifying Two-wheelers:

Right Balance:

Try to maintain the right balance between aesthetics and performance enhancements. Keep in mind that aesthetic improvements shouldn’t hamper the bike's long-term performance. If you are someone who pays more attention to aesthetics over performance, modifying and maintaining such a bike can be expensive.

Security Enhancements:

In addition with making your bike attractive, also think about its safety. While you do this, you have the option of reducing your two-wheeler insurance premium amount. You have the opportunity to get a discount on the insurance premium for self-damage to your two-wheeler if you install approved safety devices on your bike.

Inform the Authorities:

You will have to inform the respective authorities based on the kind of modifications you make to your bike. For example, changing the entire color scheme of a bike and tampering with the engine might cause compliance issues with your Regional Transport Office (RTO). Also, whatever the nature of the modifications, do mention it to your two-wheeler insurance provider at the earliest. Not doing so might hamper your two-wheeler insurance claim settlement process.

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Don’ts Regarding Modifying Two-wheelers:

Rash Decisions:

Don't make rash decisions. You may get excited about an idea and may want to move into implementation mode as quickly as possible. But wait. Give it a thought. Ask yourself: Will this adjustment make sense in the long run? Decide the way ahead based on your answer.

Professional Job:

Refrain from trying to modify the bike yourself if you do not have prior knowledge of the intricacies involved in such a task. Complex bike modification tasks are performed by experts.

Legal Trouble:

Certain bike modifications may land you in legal trouble, for example, installing fancy lights that may annoy other riders and drivers, not following instructions regarding license plates, etc. Punishments can include hefty fines.

Bike Insurance Online:

Whether you modify your bike or not, it is essential to insure it if you want to ride your two-wheeler legally on Indian roads. While you're at it, you might consider purchasing bike insurance online. Purchasing bike insurance is not enough, it is necessary to renew it before it expires to keep the plan active. An expired plan will not accrue any benefits.

In today's digital world, it has become extremely convenient to opt for two-wheeler insurance renewal online. Below are the main advantages of renewing your two-wheeler insurance online.

  • Low-priced bike insurance policies
  • It is not necessary to rely on an agent to renew the policy.
  • Quick bike insurance policy renewal process
  • No paperwork
  • Long list of additional services
  • Hassle-free claim settlement
  • Access to all terms and conditions and Policy Wordings on the website

Online insurance companies have a two-wheeler insurance premium calculator on their website. However, the two-wheeler insurance premium calculator may not be helpful in calculating the premium charged for modifications. To do this, you will have to contact your insurance company. You can talk to them about the impact of a particular type of bike modification and the insurance process involved. A simple call should suffice. Your insurance executive should guide you regarding the due process.

Take advantage of this online renewal service and keep your bike insurance policy active to follow the law. Before purchasing your policy, read the fine print carefully. While you are renewing your policy, review your current policy and look for a different plan if you are not satisfied with the services. Ride safe and stay insured.

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Things to be careful about before modifying your two-wheeler

A lot of young bikers might have grown up watching blockbuster Hollywood movies where bikes take the centre stage. Not to forget the enthralling Moto Grand Prix races and a few Bike Exhibition Events here and there. All this adds up to the fact that bikes are simply irresistible to avid followers. There's a certain charm associated with shiny sports bike. Steel cruiser bikes are also equally alluring. Different bikers have different tastes and this is what makes the entire industry thrive.

The Indian market also offers a range of exciting bike models. However, things might look pale in front of those larger-than-life bikes that one views in movies or on foreign social media handles. This is where bike modifications come into the picture. Modifying your bike can lend a sense of satisfaction. 

For some, modifying their bike is extremely personal. It's a way of expressing their thoughts, their passion and their creativity. It's a way of expressing themselves. However, you have to be careful when doing this. If you are someone looking to modify your two-wheeler, read on for some important tips on how to make changes to your bike.

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5 crucial points regarding bike modifications:

Follow the law:

If you want to modify your bike and ride on Indian roads, you will have to follow the law while making modifications. For a better understanding, any kind of structural change needs prior approval from the relevant authorities. Which means that if you want to make changes to your motorcycle's engine, this must be reflected in the Registration Certificate (RC) of your motorcycle. Therefore, you will have to go to your regional transport office and make the changes to your RC.

You are not required to take any action for making basic aesthetic changes, such as adding a sticker to your bike. However, if you change the entire color combination of your bike, this must be mentioned in the RC. There are laws regarding the use of indicator lights, decibel horns (pressure horns), etc.

Choose function over aesthetics:

Cosmetic changes may look good in the short term, but functional changes yield results in the long run. You might want to replace your medium-sized tyres with bulky ones. But the question to ask here is: are they going to hamper the bike’s performance? If yes, are you okay with taking that hit in order to make your bike look a certain way?

A lot of people choose to modify the bike’s fibre parts. You should keep in mind that doing so may affect the bike's performance. This is because manufacturers take many things into consideration when designing a bike, for example: Aerodynamics. Changing bike parts can affect the inherent nature of the bike, which may hamper its performance for a period of time.

Anti-theft devices:

If you are considering modifications, installing an anti-theft device is a fruitful measure. Not only does it prevent theft, it also reduces the cost of your insurance. If your bike has an approved anti-theft device, you will likely get a discount on your bike insurance premium. Make sure to install only those devices approved by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

Trusted professionals:

Modifying your bike is expensive. It needs professional treatment. In an effort to save a few bucks and in the excitement of modifying your bike, don't hand over your two-wheeler to any mechanic. Trust only those professionals who know a thing or two about your bike brand, the type of shifts it can handle, its ideal displacement, etc.

Ultimately, your bike is a machine and every machine has its limitations. You need a professional bike tuner who can understand your bike's capability, take into account your requirements in terms of shifting, and then get to work on the plan. Discuss an adjustment plan based on your budget and then move forward.

Inform the Insurer

You must inform your insurance company about the modifications. Do not wait to inform the insurance company till/during the renewal period. Do it right away. You may want to let your insurance company know if you install anti-theft devices, as this may reduce your insurance premium.

If you think you can save your premium by not informing the insurer about performance and aesthetic modifications, you are mistaken. In fact, not informing can be counterproductive. The insurance company can reject the claim if they were not informed about the modifications. Therefore, it is a good practice to keep your insurance company informed regarding bike modifications.

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