How to Know When Tyres Need to be Rotated or Changed?

Regularly rotating tyres can extend their lifespan and promote even wear. However, many drivers neglect their tyres until the last minute, which can put them at risk.

Why do tyres need to be changed regularly?

Your tyres need to be rotated regularly to prevent uneven wear. Each tyre will wear at a different rate due to weight distribution. For example, the front tyres carry the most load due to the engine, etc., and carry the most load during braking. tyres also need to be rotated to improve the car's fuel efficiency.

How often should I rotate them?

The recommended rule of thumb for rotating tyres is every 5,000 to 10,000 miles or every six months, whichever comes first. The relevant guidelines are determined by the manufacturer.

tires replaced or rotated

When should you determine the right time to rotate your tyres?

Uneven wear between tyres - do the front tyres wear faster than the rear?

Does your vehicle vibrate at high speeds? Any unusual vibration is a sign that your tyres need to be rotated or balanced.

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tyre pressure drops at different times? This is a sign that the tyre needs to be checked for punctures or breaks, if not, the tyres may need to be rotated.

How do we know when to change tyres?

If you think you should stop rotating your tyres and replace them instead, here are some warning signs:


Insufficient tread depth - cars need a minimum of 1.6mm in UK in UK.

●Tyres should be checked regularly and indeed if they are more than five years old, it is advisable to have a professional check your tyres for road safety.

●If you see cracks in the sidewall, this is a sign of possible early eruption.

●Blisters and blisters are visible defects on the outside of the tyre and are clear signs that something is wrong inside.

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