Why preferring Hero Duet 125 is a smart choice?

Hero motorcycle is result of a household brand that is Herohonda which got separated after years of working together. After this Hero has started to gain a name for itself all thanks to the affordable and trustworthy vehicles that they are able to bring to the market. One of their recent introductions into the scooter territory is the Hero duet 125. This is one of the low budget scooters from the company and is targeted mostly for the Asian countries that they seem to have a firm foot in.  

Specifications of the scooter 



This scooter comes with a 4 stroke single cylinder OHC air-cooled engine, which has a maximum displacement of 110.9 cc. the engine in this scooter produces a maximum power of 6kW @ 7500 rpm and maximum torque of 8.7 Nm 5500 rpm. It is also a self-start engine.


As for the suspension on this scooter, it is fitted with a telescopic design hydraulic shock absorber in the front. For the rear, it holds a unit swing with spring-loaded hydraulic damper. These suspension units are really great and can help the rider with relaxed steady driving experience.


The tyres on this scooter help it to have the balance of dimensions according to the design of the scooter. The dimensions of the tyre are 90/100-10. This is the dimension for both the front and the back tyre.  


Battery: the battery on this scooter is a 12 volt (4 Ah) battery. This might seem a bit low, but as a matter of fact, this is more than sufficient to power the scooter for all its necessities.

Headlights: this scooter has 12v halogen bulbs that are multi-reflector type bulbs. The bulbs are of 35W/35W capacity.

Taillight: the tails light is similar to that of the headlights. It is a 12v halogen bulb but the capacity varies. The capacity of the tail light is about 5/21W multi-reflector.

Instruction meter: this is one of the exciting features of the Hero Duet 125. The instruction meter is both analog and digital. This helps the rider to know all the information that they need with just a glance at the meter. It also has a service time indicator that starts to blink as soon as the scooter needs a service for proper maintenance.


The looks of this scooter are both classy and mode
incorporated into a single design. The scooter is designed to look sleek from the front and back but the body is designed with enough space for the two passengers to have a comfortable ride. The panels on this scooter are designed in two tones for better looks and the graphics on this scooter are also sharp. This is available in a variety of colors depending on which market you are purchasing the scooter from. The under-seat storage compartment also has sufficient space along with a phone charger attached to it. The storage area is lit using an LED light which is also inbuilt into it. 

Hero Duet 125

This scooter was built with the intention to sell them under the low end to mid-range of scooters. So, all the components of this bike are designed with that thought in mind. This does not mean the company left has made any compromises on the quality of the scooter. The scooters are made to withstand the hard sand-filled roads of the country and also to move swiftly through the high traffic areas of the country. 

To make this an all-round affordable scooter the designer made some improvements on the dimensions of the scooter. These improvements on the dimensions of the scooter help it with the additional ground clearance and also give the rider good maneuverability during the ride. 

On the whole, this is one of the best scooters that anyone can buy in 2019. It is worth every penny spent on it as the manufacturers made sure that they give their customers the utmost value for their money. The hero is also taking all efforts to gain a name for them so sending out something that might not be that great will only make them go a step-down. This means every unit that the company sends out is a good as it could possibly get. 

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image source-MotorBeam, Overdrive


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