Ferrari Portofino – The Next Beautiful Sports Car

Ferrari has come up with another model and this time the name itself sounds exotic as it is named after the rich and charming village - Portofino. The new model will soon unveil in India. It is surely going to be a great one just like Ferrari Califo
ia T.

The Ferrari Portofino has a V8 biturbo engine with a seven-speed double clutch transmission in the transaxle design at the back. The former is an aluminum-intensive two-plus-two body style with retractable hardtop sports car. Unquestionably, it's larger, better and attractive.

The new parts of the engine involve a single-piece cast exhaust manifold outlined to reduce inte
al flanges that intervene with the pressure of the exhaust waves knocking the turbine, a unique free-flow exhaust mode, and conrods able of controlling 10 percent higher cylinder pressures.

It is 16 mm long and 28 mm wide with a weight of 80 kg. Aluminum is used to build the floorpan instead of plastic substance which makes the interior and exterior robust and classy. The seats are slimmer as the previous version, Califo
ia T. The interior is brand new having automated controls which are again better than the earlier one. It is made up of a 90-degree turbocharged engine with the capability of delivering a high speed of 7500 RPM. The touchscreen in the center works fast and comes with a good display. Portofino has comfortable front seats along with special rear seats for kids. The entire car seems as firm as a faith that once set hardly twists or moves from the frame.

It has hollow castings that have reduced the weight of the car and improved the structural rigidity. It is 35 percent stronger than the former one. It can be understood that Ferrari has made  the car keeping in mind the ease and comfort of an individual with a great ventilation syste ergonomic seats, heating controlling power and a rigid structure.

This version has a similar wheelbase as that of the Califo
ia, i.e. 105.1 inches. The roof also opens up and meets smoothly. It enables the operator to command driving styles without the grip being pushed to vary too far from the engine. Pressing the D button switches the automatic transmission to manual mode. Even with the sports mode, the drive remains calm. The structural firmness is best, with no noise even with the roof up. It has a crisp character boundary and elegant detailing. By higher pay, the car looks sexy on the road.

We are expecting Ferrari Portofino to launch during the mid of October this year in India. The expected price is 3.5 crore which is similar to the Califo
ia one. We can’t expect less seeing the beauty and features of the car.

What's attractive about the Portofino?

The former drives on the road with a controlled driving speed, comfortable with the roof up and a pleasure to trip keeping the roof down. So is the intended function nailed? Definitely, yes.

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