Continental launches new winter tyre VikingContact 8

NEW DELHI: Continental has introduced a new soft compound winter tyre, VikingContact 8, to replace the previous model.

The focus of the development was on safe driving characteristics in the harsh Nordic winters, increased comfort and lower rolling resistance, which is important for the growing number of electric vehicles in the Nordic markets. The company said that the new VikingContact 8 is ideal for conventional and electric cars, SUVs and hybrids.

For the tread design, Continental tyre developers created the next level evolution of the highly successful predecessor model. It has already taken first place in several tests in the specialized press, which indicates its high performance. The directional tread pattern with its symmetrical grooves quickly drains water and mud from the contact patch, while firmly gripped block edges dig into the road surface in winter. This allows braking and acceleration forces to be transmitted safely even on snowy and icy surfaces.

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When cornering on wet and dry roads, the 3D sipes and bridges between the individual blocks stabilize the tread, keeping it open for rapid water drainage, contributing to a precise driving experience, the company said in a press release.

“For the new VikingContact 8, our engineers have developed a three-layer sipe: a combination of straight, zigzag and wavy sipe, placed one by one in the tread blocks on the shoulders of the tyre. A straight tread on the outside of the block stabilizes them for good handling On dry roads. The zig-zag treads form a transition to the rims of typical winter tyres with a wavy pattern that ensures a smooth distribution of force and increased stability, even on wet roads. The classic wavy treads have been developed at the maximum length of the rim to provide maximum grip on ice even on the smallest surfaces - which is It is consistent with the motto of winter tyre developers that maximum rim length leads to maximum grip on ice.

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