The common causes for car noise

If you are a car owner, you must have heard a strange noise coming out from somewhere under the hood. Don't worry, cars once in a while experience those bad noisy days and a little check-up would work well in getting it back on track. Still, you should not neglect specific screeching noise. These vibrations intensify at any time when the driver takes certain actions like pressing on the accelerator, stepping on the break, etc. Let us talk about some of the common reasons that cause noise in your vehicle.

    • Damage to the Disc Brake, Calipers or Brake Pads

Brake discs work together with calipers and pads to lessen the speed of the vehicle. The brake discs screw directly to the center of the wheel, so they rotate in the same direction as the wheel speed. If brake pedal stops working, the calipers compress the pads which cause noise and vibrations from the brakes.

Further, this may arise a clunking noise. If you hear the noise driving over humps on the road, a problem in the suspension could be a reason. If not this, a portion of the exhaust can be loose.

    • Clutch Failure

The friction between the clutch disc and plate bolted to the flywheel produces heat. With time, the clutch disc exhausts. Things like loading on the clutch stimulate wear. If you hear a grinding sound from the gearbox a problem in the clutch or gear might be the cause of the same.

    • Fluid Leak

A leak from the bonnet might make a hissing sound. If you notice the noise coming from under the hood, then look round the oil filter or the engine. The gear oil might be leaking from the transmission.

    • Ignition problem

Your engine might make a knocking noise if your car has an ignition problem. This noise occurs due to bad fuel filtration or damaged spark plugs.

Pay attention to the ignition switch for erosion. If the problem persists then replacing the switch is advised.


    • Corrosion in the car parts


Dirty auto parts may cause a popping noise. Some of the reasons include dirt in air filter, corrosion in spark plugs, wiring malfunctions, etc. If you hear a popping sound, get your vehicle for a quick tune-up.


    • Damage in the steering of your car


Many car noises come from the engine, but the inside the cabin can make noises too. The problem can cause a clacking sound from it. This may specify damage to a part in the steering. If left untreated, the problem might progress that causes more damage.

If you hear any of the noises mentioned above, don't  Find out where the noise is coming from and the reason behind it. It will be wise if you take it to a mechanic for inspection. Quick action will keep your vehicle's engine healthy for years no mat

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