Checklist before Buying a Used Bike

The very first thing to decide before buying a second-hand bike is what type of ride you are looking for- is it for daily commuting or for adventures or sports. It is very important to be clear regarding the use so that there is no difficulty in deciding your budget. There are two sources of buying one is any reputed used bike dealer and the other one is any private sellers. Sometimes buying used bike can be difficult without research, knowledge and a little help. 


Let us have a look at the checklist before making up our mind on any used bike: 

    • Do research on the type of bike you want to buy. Go through magazines, browse the inte
      et and speak to someone who has thorough knowledge on the model. Check the reputation and feedback of the bike in the market.


    • Once you have more or less decided on the bike, check the basic conditions like the paints, scratches, rust, leaking fluid, cracks or any accident sign. Always carry a flashlight with you to check for these. It is always advisable to cold start the bike so that you will have a fair idea of the condition. 
      Check whether all the lights and switches are working properly. Also, check the fuel tank for any rust. 


    • Next, take a test drive so that you understand how the bike is maintained. It is very important. If you are not an expert or want to take a second opinion then a mechanic or an experienced friend will be of great help. Inspect the bike again after the drive for signs of leakage. 


    • Ask the owner for the maintenance record; ask them from where he/she gets the maintenance work done and how frequently the same is done.


    • Now, the next important thing which should be given attention is the paperwork. Before buying any bike, irrespective of whether it is new or used, the complete paperwork is very important.  The buyer should always ask for the Registration Certificate Book from the seller and match all the details in the book with the bike details. Most of us do not transfer the RC book from the seller to the buyer's name but the process is actually very simple. The book has to be submitted in the Regional Transport Office where the name will be changed. 


    • Please check whether the Pollution Under Control book for the bike as it is mandatory. The seller should also provide the Road Tax card where all the tax payment information will be available.


    • Next is the insurance policy certificate; any bike you are buying should have insurance policy and it should be transferred from the seller's name to the buyer's name.

A No Objection Certificate is required from the Regional Transport office where the bike is registered. 
These are some of the simple to-do things before buying a used bike.  It can be very difficult if you have no knowledge so research work is something you cannot miss.  Happy and Safe Biking!

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