10 Best Cars On the Roads of Germany

The Germans being one of the largest producers and marketers of automobiles have seen bulks of different specimens as rides on their native soil. This ranges through Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, BMW, Ford, Mini, Fiat, Opel, Mercedes and a swarming lot of others. Out of all these, Volkswagen has brought in the largest number of customers in the last couple of years fixing a desirable position for itself. Lets take a look at the selected few ruling the front line in the recent days.

Volkswagen Golf   It has been of the best selling cars on the roads of Germany since the 1980s. It has constant fluctuations in the seller’s directory but has not failed to prevail amongst the best. 2016 and 2017 have also seen the gradual decline in the demand for diesel engines for the Golf model.

Volkswagen Passat   The Passat has maintained a good position since 2011, but recent market values have seen in a possible decline in its sales, nevertheless still able to walk around amongst the best of the lot.

Volkswagen Polo Still retains the third position in the market with its other VW branded folks. These top 3 models help to make a 20% market share for VW throughout Germany. There was a raise in its sales in the year 2016, and is still on constant updates for contenders.

Mercedes Benz C-Class   It hasn’t been shifted from its rank for a while now. With its incomparable standards in craftsmanship and technical upheaval, this elegant variant of a car contributes a big deal to the market share for Mercedes in Germany.

Volkswagen Tiguan   This one circulates within the third to the fifth rank, and is also remarkable for its best placement amongst any SUVs in Germany. It contains a 7-speed DSG transmission gearbox with a sweeping speed of 6.5 seconds for a 0-100 kmph tu

Opel Corsa This supermini model has been in the German roads since the 1980s, it’s a 5-door petite looking car establishing a lasting demeanor on its customers. It has been served with the finest fu
ishing spectrums to mark the class and technology respectfully.

Audi A4 The A4 has been around in similar positions for the last 2 years, with about an 18% hike in its sales by the beginning of 2016. Five generations of the model has been out since its creation in 1994, and it is available both as a station wagon, and a sedan.

Skoda Octavia   This one had to get into a mini struggle along with the Audi A3, with the Audi A4, to stay on the relevant brim of automobiles in Germany. However, with the raise of the Audi A4, it had to compromise its position below it.

Volkswagen Touran Its been a new entry for this one in 2017 amongst the 10 best list, while it replaced the Audi A3 which skipped down 3 to 4 positions and left the sight.

Opel Astra   The Opel Astra saw some of its good and bad days during the preceding months of 2017. It had been an incredible performer in 2016 with a 16% raise in the market, which made it move up to the 5th position, but it had to give way to the Tiguan in its place for a fresh fu
ished appearance.

With the constant fight amongst the top brands, it is hard to speculate as to how much the market promises to retain its place just where it is today.

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