Ultraviolette launches new Supernova DC fast charger– now charge F77 in 60 mins

Ultraviolette announced the launch of its new fast charging network, named UV Supernova. Within the new UV charging ecosystem, the 6 kW offering was introduced as Supernova, while its 12 kW counterpart was called Supernova Plus.

With the introduction of Supernova charging stations, F77 customers can now embark cross-country electric motorcycle travel with greater ease and confidence. In the first phase, Ultraviolette has started rolling out over 100 Supernova and Supernova Plus DC fast charging stations, and 10 of them are already making their mark in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Located at key motorcycling routes, including popular cafes and along major highways, these stations ensure that riders and their F77s are ready for the next leg of their journey in no time. Supernova DC fast charging stations come with a Type 6 connector, ensuring compatibility and ease of use to the standard recognized by BIS.

Within this range, Supernova represents the 6kW option that has two 3kW fast-charging cannons, and Supernova Plus increases the offer to a 12kW charging capacity with two 6kW fast-charging cannons. Both configurations provide a fast and efficient charging solution that complements the optional Boost charger available with the F77, making it an integral part of Ultraviolette's charging network.

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Speaking on the launch, Niraj Rajmohan, Co-Founder and CTO of Ultraviolette, said, “The double-barrel configuration of the 6 kW and 12 kW stations ensures fast and efficient charging, in line with our commitment to offering cutting-edge technology. "We are excited about the transformative impact it will have." Supernova will bring it to the F77 (UV SQUADRON) cycling community, and we are committed to strengthening our role in promoting sustainable mobility.

Ultraviolette F77 specs, prices & variants

The standard version of the F77 is powered by a 27 kW motor that generates 85 Nm of torque and draws power from a 7.1 kWh battery that offers an IDC range of 206 km on a single charge. This model can reach a maximum speed of 140 kilometers per hour. The more premium F77 Recon has a 29 kW mid-mounted electric motor that produces 95 Nm of torque. This version of the F77 reaches a top speed of 147 kmph, making it the fastest electric two-wheeler in the country.

The motor is paired to a massive fixed 10.5 kWh stationary battery that claims an IDC range of 307km. On the other hand, the Space Edition variant of the F77 has a 30.2 kW motor that produces 40 HP and 100 Nm of torque. This version of the electric sports bike can reach a maximum speed of 152 kilometers per hour. It can do a 0-60 kmph sprint in just 2.9 seconds.

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