Tyres From The Future: Michelin At Paris Motor show 2018

The 120th edition of the Paris Motor Show was organized on 4th to 14th October 2018, and the venue was Park des Exposition in Porte de Versailles, Paris. This show remains one of the most significant trade shows all over the world and is the oldest one. The most important part of this show I 2018 was the new uses for the two-wheeler segment and the new types of mobility. It was one of the best trade fair shows for motorcycles conducted, and CHELIN at Paris Motorshow 2018 was at its best.

Michelin is a leading tire company in the world and is dedicated to enhancing the mobility, sustainability, design, and distribution of the best tires to the clients. The 473 m3 Michelin stand at Paris Motor show, in October 2018, in Pavilion 1 remains the same locations like the previous editions of 2016 and 2014. The show reinforces Michelin’s commitment to provide the best range of tires to the market and to improve the performance of the tires on a continuous basis.  The Track connect concept offered here is a complete connection for providing personalized advice to optimize the tire pressure adjustment.

A brief about Michelin:

Michelin is present in around 171 countries all over the world and employs more than 114,000 employees. It provides digital services, guides, maps which guide and helps the customers to enrich the trips and the travels. Michelin’s headquarter is located in Clermont-Ferrand, France and in 2017 the company produced over 190 million tires. Michelin has been successful to bring people from several professions and Businesses like the NGOs, Gove

ments, Politicians, start-ups, etc.

It has been done to join in the global fight to implement the ambition to action through co-building the mobility together Future of tyres. The sustainability and innovation in its activities is always a part of DNA for the Michelin Group.  Michelin always strives to reduce the carbon footprint and maintain the global resources in all its product and services.

Michelin is famous for the invention of the radial tire that is famous for fuel efficiency, for light-weight, and for lasting longer.  Michelin is also renowned for many generations for green tires, and this culture is embedded throughout the organization of Michelin. Agenes Poulbot, a Michelin Engineer, received the 2018 European Inventor award, for the invention or self-regenerating tread patte

. The concept of adopting the challenges naturally has been the main contributing factor for the high life of the tire.

The company is continually focusing on planned improvements in its products and is continually innovating at its R&D facilities. It is expanding its testing facilities for the tires to allow the consumers to get the best standard of safety of their products. The Michelin group has the strength of 6000 R& D scientists who are engaged continuously for the pursuits of innovative technology and to launch breakthrough products.

The concept of Michelin Man and about the Paris Motor show:

The first edition of the Motor show was held in 1898 where the group started attending. It took place in Jardin des Tuileries, in the heart of Paris before it moved to Grand Palais in the year 1901. In 1962, the entire show moved to the Parc des Expositions at Porte de Versailles. All through these changes in venues and formats, Michelin remained faithful to this event, and now again in 2018, it has attended the motor show. It was an opportunity for the company to showcase its new inventions and innovations for attaining sustainable mobility to the audience worldwide.

There are a few essential dates which highlight the Michelin’s presence at the Paris Show since inception:

  • 1898 Michelin created history with Bibendum, the Michelin man: The official mascot of Michelin Company is Bibendum which in English refers as the Michelin Tyre man or Michelin man. It was first introduced in the Lyon exhibition in 1894 by the Michelin brothers and is one of the oldest trademarks in the world. In 1898, at the motor show in Paris, it was presented to the world audience to make the Michelin Tyre Concept clear. It quickly created a buzz and established a friendship with the people who became admirers of Michelin tires.
  • !907- Michelin Air bottle: The first inflators presented in this show were small and easy to use devices and did not require gears or chains or belts to operate. Michelin designed the first electric model when the inflator became an advertising aid. Bibendum was seen to ride on the compressor and blew air from an air hose as if the Michelin man was inflating the tire by himself.
  • 1949: The concept of radial tire: To the wonder of the world, Michelin presented the idea of radial tire in this show. It was a breakthrough in the tire industry in advanced materials technology, and this concept was innovative by its design as well as the incredible longevity and performance of the tires.
  • 1952: Wedding of Michelin man: It was the wedding of Michelin man, and the concept of marriage between the steel and textiles was introduced. The idea for the use of radial tires for all types of motorized vehicles was presented here.
  • 1992: The concept of green tire: Named as MXN where N stands for Natural, Michelin introduced a new concept which could reduce the rolling resistance of the tires.
  • 2001: Via Michelin:  This was launched to develop the digital services for assisting in travel to the users. The users could get the information they need to prepare their trips at free of cost.
  • 2018: The Michelin Vision concept: This Paris motor show is an ideal opportunity for Michelin to present the idea after unveiling it at the Movin'On Sustainable Mobility Summit. It embodies as well as translates into actions, the vision of innovation for mobility in the future. It covers the following:

  1.    An airless tire/wheel that is designed to last as long as the vehicle itself continues.
  2.    A unique re-generable tread which can replenish as required by using a 3D printer when it is wo

  3.    A connected tire that will inform the driver or the tread wear and it can schedule re-treading as per the style of the driving and use.

Conclusion: The latest Paris Motor Show was organized in Parc des Expositions in Porte de Versailles, Paris from October 4th to 14th in 2018. Michelin, the pioneering tire company, participated in this show to showcase its latest invention and innovation in the mobility segment to the delight of the audience.

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