Top 5 Mergers & Acquisitions in Automotive History

Merger and acquisition play a vital function in fixing the quality of not only a firm but also the complete industry. The outward year 2016 was once more a year of various mergers and acquisitions. We even got many Worldwide and Indian corporations capitalizing at an inte

ational level to spread its range and support to achieve that affirmative impetus. Just huge at Rs. 2200 crore.

1 Cavendish Industries houses with three tire business activities of Birla tires. The industrial services are situated in Laksar nearby Haridwar and produce a wide array of tires, tubes, and flaps. This acquisition JK Tyres at the present has 12 engineering units all over India and Mexico.

  1. The merger of Ashok Leyland and Hinduja Foundries Ashok Leyland’s merger with the auto-parts manufacturer Hinduja Foundries are perceived as an exact realistic choice by the Hinduja group. The panel of both the corporations accepted this verdict in September 2016. Hinduja foundries is a most serious contractor to Ashok Leyland and establish to one-third of its income. Hinduja foundries have two industrial plants in and all over the place Chennai working at 65% capacity.
  2. Motherson Sumi obtains automobile business component of Abraham and Co Hungary based Abraham and Co was developed by auto component main Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd (MSSL) for approximately Rs.77 crore in September this year. The contract was finalized in late October 2016. MSSL with its 100% subsidiary would obtain the plots, manufacturing, and machinery of Abraham and Co Ltd for a buying price deliberation of EUR 10.4 million. This acquisition will help MSSL to more develop is interactions with the help of materials to SMR and to the new imminent facilities in Europe. 4. Volkswagen Trucks and Buses
  3. Volkswagen Trucks and Buses purchases stick in Navistar for $256 million there will also be advanced technology distribution, with powerful attention on powertrain technology. The day this contract was broadcasted Navistar rushed more than 30% I pre-market business.
  4. Mahindra & Mahindra’s year of gaining First SsangYong then Pininfarina and now has capitalized further in its two-wheeler business by obtaining BSA, the classic British motorcycle brand for Rs. 28 crore. Mahindra is bringing into line its business approach and building more lifestyle brands. Mahindra has previously publicized that it will not be induction the BSA motorcycles here in India quite same approach as we have perceived Peugeot Motorcycles.

    With this contract, Mahindra has also attained the license to create Jawa two-wheelers in India. On its grange equipment business, the Indian manufacturer also obtained a 35% stake in Finland’s Sampo Rosenlew for approximately Rs 135 crore marking its incursion into the syndicate harvester business. 6. Nissan obtains 34% stake in Mitsubishi Motors one of the largest associations of 2016 is between the Japanese car maker Nissan and Mitsubishi. In October 2016 Nissan proclaimed that it has developed a 34% equity stake in Mitsubishi Motors to become its largest shareholder. Going forward Mitsubishi Motors will become a great part of the inte

    ational association with Nissan and Renault. The Alliance will be in the world’s foremost three auto groups by inte

    ational volumes, with auctions of more than 10 million components in 2016.

  1. Samsung purchases Harman Inte

    ational for $8 billion Consumer electronics manufacturer Samsung Electronics in November stated that would by US car parts maker Harman Inte

    ational businesses for $8 billion and its also the company’s primary undertaking to go into the increasing market for car technology to manufacture associated cars. This contract has specified the South Korean maker an edge in the worldwide market for online-associated automobile parts. This contract is In late November Ashok Leyland has done the acquisition of Nissan Motor’s stake in each of its three cooperative ventures molded between the two businesses. Under the innovative contract, Ashok Leyland will remain to create Dost, Mitr and Partner LCVs which are based on Nissan’s design technology under a licensing contract.
  2. Yanmar purchases Blackstone's 18% acquisition Tokyo based Yanmar in December 2016 bought 18% stake in inte

    ational tractors makers of Sonalika trademarked tractors for approximately Rs. 1600 crore growing its stake to 30%. Yanmar obtained shares detained by Blackstone Group, which completed a rough three times profit on a four-year-old investment. Sonalika is India’s third-biggest tractor industrial company and has sold more than 50,000 tractors (domestic and exports) in the April-November 2016 term.
  3. Bharat Forge obtains Walker Forge Tennessee, PMT Holdings Indian Auto component maker in December done the acquisition of Walker Forge Tennessee and PMT Holdings for almost Rs. 95 crore. Now, Walker Forge, Tennessee has been retitled as Bharat Forge Tennessee. The company is a dealer of complex and high alloy steel, engine and chassis mechanisms and has a varied group of consumers all over the automotive and industrial segment.
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