Top 10 car maintenance tips for car carefree driving

Buying a car has always been everyone's dream, at least in India. This is how the typical Indian auto market works! Yes, we all want to own a car and end up buying it at some point in our lives. The car is not just a car to us, it is a symbol of status and pride. But when you buy a car, it faces its own challenges but we can overcome these challenges by practicing a few car maintenance tips.

Maintaining your vehicle is very important to keep it in good working order. In India, we find roads good, bad, and worse, and maintaining a car in good condition is a challenge. Traffic chaos increases the misery of the car owner. Don't worry,

We provide you with the top 10 car maintenance tips to keep your car in top condition.

The best part is that all of these tips are simple and easy, and can come in handy for you on the weekend!

Check your owner's manual

 car maintenance tips

First things first, every car comes with an owner's manual. You should read the manual to find out more details about your vehicle. The owner's manual will give you details such as the service interval, the engine oil change interval, and some basic troubleshooting tools. Therefore, reading your owner's manual can solve some of the basic issues that arise while owning a vehicle. The service center or mechanic will also suggest you read the manual.

Engine oil filling/change

Engine oil filling

Motor oil equals the blood that flows to the engine to keep things intact. Changing engine oil at regular intervals is extremely important as it affects engine health. You can easily check the engine oil level through the dipstick or digital display if it is digital. During the first service, you can ask the mechanic to show you how to check the oil level. Always maintain the specified oil level and check the quality of the oil for a longer period.

Check all liquids

Check all liquids

Besides engine oil, there are many other fluids in your vehicle. Important fluids in a car are coolant, brake fluid, power steering, AC coolant, and washer fluid. Always fill in liquids according to the labels. You can ask a mechanic for help if you are not a fan of gas! Changing fluids at regular intervals will save you a lot of money and keep your car in good condition for a longer period.

Check the battery

Top Car Batteries in India 2020

Without a battery, your car will not start! Mode
batteries are easy to maintain and you just need to check them from time to time. Check the battery terminals for oxidation or damage and clean them frequently. If you do not use the car for a long time, make sure to run the car at least twice a week to keep the battery alive. In the long run, it's very easy to change the battery as well.

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Check tyre pressure

tyre pressure

Check tyre pressure at least once every 10 days. Under-inflated tires will not only affect handling but also increase fuel consumption. Tires will wear faster if inflated. Also, excessive inflation of the tyres is not safe, as it may cause them to burst. Always maintain the tyre pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

Clean / replace the air filter

 air filter

Cleaning the air filter is a very simple job. Getting to the air filter in mode
cars is easy and can be done with basic tools. We recommend checking the air filter at least once a month. You can clean the air filter or replace it if it is damaged. Driving in dusty conditions will cause dust to collect on the air filter and affect engine efficiency. Therefore, keep the air filter clean to keep the engine running efficiently.

Check wheel alignment

wheel alignment

A proper wheel alignment will ensure that your vehicle performs the way it should. If the vehicle does drift sideways when driving straight ahead, you need to adjust the wheel alignment. Just go to an authorized wheel alignment center and they will do it for you. Also rotate the tires to ensure that they do not rust and that the wheel tu
s freely. These precautionary checks will save you a large bill on your next service.

Check/replace the windshield wipers

windshield wipers

Windshield wipers are always exposed to the elements, and if damaged they can cause you a lot of problems. Damaged windshield wipers can scratch your windshield and it can be expensive to repair. Check your windshield wipers from time to time to make sure they are working properly. Replace the wipers every 2-3 years. You can replace wiper blades without tools.

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Don't ignore noise rattles

noise rattles

Never ignore any rattling sounds from under your vehicle's body. If you are not sure about the noise, it is best to take your car to a service center and have it repaired. Odd sounds indicate a big problem so it's best to solve it early. Correcting these issues will save a lot of repair work.

Keep the exterior and interior clean

interior clean

Last but not least, keep the exterior and interior of your car clean. Wash your car at least once a week and clean the interior as well. Do not throw food, water bottles, and unnecessary items into the vehicle. Washing your car regularly will protect the paintwork and keep its shine intact.

By following these simple car maintenance tips, you can keep your vehicle in good condition. A properly maintained vehicle will provide good performance and good fuel efficiency. Overall, a car in good condition will ensure a carefree ride.

Practice these car maintenance tips and your car will thank you later and not bu
a hole in your pocket.

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