Take A Look At The Revolutionary Cars Of 2018

The year 2018 is hit by a plethora of stylish cars, thereby making people much more confused as to which model to buy. The biggies in this industry like Ford, Volkswagen and many more and the small ones as well have come up with new models this year. The designs are fresh. Cars have used the latest technology. Added to this, every car model has come up with new promises about power and economy of fuel.

Both small and big cars have come up this year. So, it is the end of the year and it is time to sum up in a short list the revolutionary cars of 2018. Recently, the sales of these newcomers have been on the rise. However, a lot of new cars are arriving soon. Let’s take a look at all the new members in the car family this year.


    • Audi A1

 Revolutionary Cars Of 2108


After the huge success of the big cars of Audi, it thought that why not think about something small! Also, the big models of Audi have been existent in the market for quite a long time. So, it was time to bring something new in the market. The car races in full splendor. You can expect it to be bigger than before, something that is filled up to the brim with new technologies.


    • Suzuki Swift Sport

 Revolutionary Cars Of 2108


It was time to bring a change in the old Swift Sports model. The minute you tu
ed the key, a smile would instantly come up in your face. This was the story of the old car models. Swift desires to have the same things in the new car models as well. Certainly, it looks wonderful in the paper. The 1.4 engine is turbocharged that produces 138 hp. As a whole, the car weighs 970 kg.


    • Seat Tarraco

 Revolutionary Cars Of 2108


The latest model of the set is the Tarraco. The Spanish company has already released their teaser in the beginning of this year. Its name Tarraco was given after the name of a Spanish city. A voting session was conducted regarding the name of the model. Tarraco received 146,124 votes. This is a seven-seater model like that of an SUV. The car will be sold in the UK from the end of 2018. You can expect a cost of around £23,000.


    • Rolls Royce Cullian

 Revolutionary Cars Of 2108


Another SUV to walk the car ramp at the end of this year is the Rolls Royce Cullian the car is named after the discovery of the largest diamond. The prices have been set to £230,000. This is said to be the first Rolls Royce model that is attached with a tailgate. Also, this Rolls Royce model aims at carrying families to trips all over the world. The company says that this model is an off-roader. It has been designed by keeping the thought of a driver in mind. The twin turbo will the same as its previous models.


    • BMW X7

 Revolutionary Cars Of 2108


It is said that BMW holds the largest range of models in SUVs. Its new model X7 has been manufactured in the USA with the American mindset. This means you can expect to get a lot more than you can even imagine. In terms of price and stature, this car can be called as equal to the Range Rover.  


    • VW Touareg



The new flagship of Volkswagen is said to be the most advanced and technologically sound model. The main point of attraction of this car is the Innovision cockpit which encompasses a digital display of 12 inches. An added 15-inch touch screen is mounted at the dash. This car features all the major functions that a car should have. A slight change is brought in the buttons on the dashboard.


    • Hyundai Santa Fe

 Revolutionary Cars Of 2108


Just like the models of Nissan X-Trailer, this is a seven-seater SUV. However, there will be a replaced model of this car – a five-seater SUV. The replaced model will feature more space within and have a stylish interior. The car bears mostly family features. The safety exit assist locks the car temporarily when it gets a sense that a vehicle is approaching from the rear. Hence, its automatic safety measures are quite lucrative.


    • Honda CR – V

 Revolutionary Cars Of 2108


For quite a long time, the CR – V Honda has been standing tall. Therefore, replacing it at the blink of your eye is a tough decision. So, Honda has decided to give more space to the model within. Also, this time, the car is manufactured in a bigger model. Soon, the model will come into the market with three or four other choices.

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