New Jawa Perak Bobber First look

When the new Jawa Peraka Bobber was launched, whoever looked at it was surprising due to its great looks. This motorcycle came back with a total of three brand new models, which are Jawa Park, Jaw and Jawa 42. The Perak Bobber has been able to get the most attention due to its superficial looks. This bike is launched for Rs. 1.89 lakhs.  The prices are somewhat similar to the Royal Enfield bike model, but the Bobber is going to bring out something different and unique for the customers. One can believe that Perak bobber is a shocker for everyone who is a bike enthusiast.

It is claimed that Jawa Perak is the 1st factory custom bike in India, and it will be affordable. There will be the addition of new equipment and features in this motorcycle as compared to the other new models of Jawa brand.  The classic style of the bike wins the heart of everyone when it comes with Matt Grey shade and golden highlights at the tank. The bike comes with a fantastic design and specifications due to which many potential customers already have started looking for its features and mileage. Before investing in a bike like Jawa Perak Bobber, you need to make sure that you decide by noting down every element rightly in your mind. The price of the bike isn’t too low, and that’s why it is necessary to find out all about this bike. Here, you can learn about the basic features and specification of this bike:

Design of Jawa Perak

The eye-catching look of this bike will attract a lot of potential buyers. The style of this bike goes back to the perfect time, and it comes with a new design, but the first model of Jawa Perak inspires it. It comes with round headlamp, wide handlebar and it has two mirrors. The horn position is unique as there is Jawa badge is added beneath it. Jawa Perak Bobber comes with single seating and has been extended towards swingarm construction.

Its exhaust is chopped off, and most of the frame is easily visible to the naked eyes. When it comes to checking the rear look of the bike, it is of minimum attention. The mudguard is exposed, and the tail lamp of the Jawa bike is located under the seat. It has a twin short exhaust setup which ensures good engine note. The engine units of this motorcycle would be better to hear. It has 14 litres of the diesel-like previous models, but it is more powerful and will provide better mileage.  

Mileage,   Engine, and specifications  

Earlier, there was a different kind of engines used in the Jawa bikes but now it is powered with more significant liquid cooled cylinder engine, and it comes with 30bhp.  The driver of this motorcycle is tuned to ensure an exceptional riding experience. The engine in this bike is available with a larger bore and is of 293 cc unit. All the details of the bike belong to the factory custom of Jawa motorcycles in which several customizations can be made.

Jawa Perak Bobber has the single pod console like the older models of Jawa bikes. Bobber has got a disc brake on both ends and an ABS unit. The rear wheel of the bike is quite extensive, and this bike looks splendid when seen in real.  There will be some colour choices for the saddle and leather seat of the bike. The Jawa 42 and Jawa have only one rival, and that is the Royal Enfield while Bobber has no rival at present in the market.


One can say that it is a kind of shock and surprise for the Indian bike enthusiasts & fans of Royal Enfield. Many people are waiting to see the details of this bike in the showroom. There are several customers who are already interested in purchasing this bike. The Jawa Perak Bobber first look was absolutely killer, and that’s why people are looking forward to investing in it. There are several chances that the bike models will be sold out when it will come out in the showrooms of different cities in India. Rest of the decision depends upon the customers and their reviews, but the future of Jawa bikes is dependent on this new model of the motorcycle.

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