New 2020 Creta vs Seltos: Which is better?

Creta 2020 vs Seltos

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for one of the big battles of 2020: the new Hyundai Creta against the Kia Seltos. The latter is the SUV to beat, while the former is tasked with taking the Creta badge to the top of the mid-size SUV sales charts, as the original model spends most of its time in a close period to 5 years. What makes the competition more interesting is that the second-generation Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos are built on the same platform and share their engines. But there will be differences, some of which are objective and others subjective, which can attract buyers in both cases.

We have listed common factors and points of difference between the two SUVs.

2020 Creta vs Seltos
2020 Creta vs Seltos

2020 Creta vs Seltos: Dimensions and design

New Creta* Seltos
Length 4300mm 4315mm
Width 1790mm 1800mm
Height 1622mm 1620mm
Wheelbase 2610mm 2610mm
Wheel size 17-inch 17-inch
2020 Creta vs Seltos
2020 Creta vs Seltos

2020 Creta vs Seltos: Interior

Radically as the exterior of Creta 2020, its interior is somewhat traditional. Low Dashboard features an infotainment system with a 10.25-inch touchscreen facing the center console. Creta’s driving environment is enhanced by the inclusion of a 7.0-inch digital display that is a feature of Part 1. Leather upholstery has also been used to give the cabin a more luxurious look.

2020 Creta vs Seltos
2020 Creta vs Seltos

The interior of the Kia Seltos is intelligently designed, with the dash positioned on a 10.25-inch touchscreen higher up, thus in a more convenient position. Seltos may lack Creta DVDs, but the MID is informative and includes a blind spot camera display, a feature missing in Creta.

Both SUV cabins can be trimmed into beige or black upholstery (depending on variant) and we expect Creta to match at least Seltos with excellent cabin quality. Since two SUVs will be built on the same wheelbase, the cockpit room will be almost identical. Both SUVs will come with a two-step backup.

2020 Creta vs Seltos
2020 Creta vs Seltos

2020 Creta vs Seltos: Features

New Creta Seltos
Airbags 6 6
Rear discs Yes Yes
Parking sensors Rear Front & Rear
Parking camera Rear 360-degree
Electronic parking brake Yes No
Blindspot monitor No Yes
Tyre pressure monitor Yes Yes
Instrument cluster 7.0-inch digital 7.0-inch LCD MID
Drive modes Yes Yes
Traction modes Yes Yes
Head-up display No Yes
Remote engine start Manual and automatic Automatic only
Paddle shifters Yes No
Sunroof Panoramic, voice-activated Single
Air purifier Yes Yes
Touchscreen 10.25-inch 10.25-inch
In-car connectivity BlueLink UVO Connect

The full feature list has long been Hyundai India’s USP in this segment, and the new Creta will be well-equipped as we reported in February in our exclusive Creta detail list and new feature list. However, Kia Seltos is also not slow in this section. In fact, there are some features available on some Seltos versions that won’t be offered in Creta, like the top screen, front parking sensors, a 360-degree camera, and a blind spot projector.

On the other hand, the Creta feature list will include a kit not seen in Seltos. In addition to the digital instrument cluster 7.0-inch o, Creta will see major impurities such as a panoramic sunroof, a successful feature in India, and will also become the most affordable car with an electronic parking brake. Automatic transmissions will also be an important feature of Creta for enthusiastic drivers. Both SUVs get eSIM technology connected to connected cars, but Creta BlueLink 1.5 adds more frills like voice-activated controls for sunroof and remote start in manual gearbox versions as well.

 2020 Creta vs Seltos: Powertrains

Petrol Engines
New Creta Seltos
Displacement 1497cc/1353cc 1497cc/1353cc
Engine type 4-cyl, NA/4-cyl, turbo 4-cyl, NA/4-cyl, turbo
Power 115hp/140hp 115hp/140hp
Torque 144Nm/242Nm 144Nm/242Nm
Manual gearbox 6-speed/- 6-speed/6-speed
Automatic gearbox CVT/7-speed DCT CVT/7-speed DCT
ARAI mileage (MT) 16.8kpl/- 16.5kpl/16.1kpl
ARAI mileage (AT) 17.1kpl/16.8kpl 16.8kpl/16.5kpl


Diesel Engine
New Creta Seltos
Displacement 1493cc 1493cc
Engine type 4-cyl, turbo 4-cyl, turbo
Power 115hp 115hp
Torque 250Nm 250Nm
Manual gearbox 6-speed 6-speed
Automatic gearbox 6-speed torque convertor 6-speed torque convertor
ARAI mileage (MT) 21.4kpl 21kpl
ARAI mileage (AT) 18.3kpl 18kpl

2020 Creta vs Seltos: Prices

New Creta* Seltos
Petrol-MT Rs 10-15 lakh Rs 9.89-16.29 lakh
Petrol-AT Rs 14-17 lakh Rs 14.09-17.29 lakh
Diesel-MT Rs 10.5-15.5 lakh Rs 10.34-15.34 lakh
Diesel-AT Rs 13.5-17 lakh Rs 13.54-17.34 lakh

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