Maruti Suzuki India launches AI-based virtual assistant app S-Assist for Nexa customers

Maruti Suzuki has launched the new S-Assist platform for Nexa models and customers. It is a 24/7 AI-based scanning, a voice-enabled virtual assistant that provides an immersive post-purchase experience.

One of Maruti Suzuki's main focus areas is digitizing the customer journey after purchase and making it an easier experience for its customers. With this in mind, the company recently launched the Maruti Suzuki S-Assist platform, which is a 24/7 AI-enabled virtual assistant, voice and scan-enabled, and provides an immersive post-test experience. the purchase through the machine learning application. and artificial intelligence. The comprehensive digital solutions application is developed by Xane.AI, a startup under the Maruti Mobility and Automotive Innovation Lab (MAIL) initiative that fosters innovation through collaboration with startups. This is one of 13 projects the company is undertaking to help new startups incubate and launch their ideas.

  Maruti Suzuki S-Assist
At the S-Assist launch, Partho Banerjee, Senior Service Executive Director, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, said: “Our motto is to digitize the car service experience and make vehicle ownership easier for customers. We are proud to announce the launch of the first voice-enabled Virtual Car Assistant, S-Assist., To enhance our customers' digital experience. S-Assist is a free service that provides quick access to vehicle functions, troubleshooting, and driving tips on customers' smartphones. information to customers for their inquiries related to the vehicle ".

The S-Assist platform will contain "do it yourself" (DIY) videos, digital literature on basic vehicle maintenance, workshop assistance, a digital copy of the owner's manual, image search, and access to more than 4,120 Maruti Suzuki workshops at all of India. For now, the S-Assist platform is only available to Nexa customers, but Maruti said it will look to launch the same for Arena models and Arena customers in the near future. Maruti Suzuki Nexa customers will be able to access S-Assist through the Maruti Suzuki Rewards mobile app available on iOS and Android devices. S-Assist is available free of charge to Maruti Suzuki NEXA customers.

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