JCB introduces the world’s first Backhoe Loader with AMT and the largest Made in India Excavator, the JCB 380LC

JCB India Limited excels in manufacturing Earthmoving and Construction Equipments. These are utilised for digging, removing and construction equipment. The Company is famous for its world-class, high-quality products and services. The Company designs, and manufactures engineered equipment using traditional methods and mode

digital technologies. After joining Big Data and Inte

et of Things, the Company improvised its existing products and services. The main objective is to supply the new mode

machines demanded by India’s Next Generation Infrastructure.

Mr Vipin Sondhi, MD and CEO of JCB India Limited, has praised the use of JCB’s machines. These machines have been widely used for infrastructure projects both in India and abroad. There are 85 countries where “Made in India” JCB’s machines were exported.

Best features of the JCB 380LC

  • In JCB India Limited, the manufacturers have created the Backhoe Loader utilising world’s best five features. One is the Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) or Easy Shift. As a full range infrastructure equipment partner, JCB India Limited manufactures the largest machine ‘Made in India’. This is known as JCB 380LC, or a 38T Tracked Excavator.  
  • JCB India Limited boasts of working on ‘Smart Technologies for the Next Generation Infrastructure’. The team of experts has introduced smart and digitally improved technologies in products and services. These include the latest solutions and trends based on customised apps integrating Inte

    et through advanced Telemetry Technology and Live link.
  • The Company ensures that all relevant information for multiple mobile applications is at the fingertips of users. Applications include Parts E-sell and Digital product manuals, JCB Live-link, Smart Diagnostic. After understanding what customers want and need from the JCB India Limited, the information would be enhanced.
  • JCB India Limited is the world’s first manufacturer of Easy Shift AMT on a Backhoe Loader. Instead of a gear lever, a rotating knob is added below the steering wheel. This allows gear shifting without any operator, improving more productivity. According to Mr Sondhi, the Backhoe Loader has a fuel saving of 50% of operating costs. The new AMT machine with a hydraulic pump saves fuel up to 10%. The new AMT uses power shift, hydraulic pump, and mechanical transmission for improved comfortable operation.
  • Mr Jasmeet Singh is the Head of the Corporate Communications and Exte

    al Relations at
    JCB India Limited. According to him, the new Backhoe Loader has 30 new innovative features. These include 15 Industry’s first and five world’s first technologies. Some of the names are as follows: AMT, SOS switch, Economy and Power Mode, Guide Me Home, and Smart App machine Diagnostics.

Origin of the machine

This intelligent machine with Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) was first introduced at Excon 2017 in Bangalore. At that time, the product was known as Easy Shift. Mr Vipin Sondhi, MD and CEO of JCB India Limited announced as follows. The team was happy to participate in Excon, South Asian Largest Construction equipment exhibition.

About the company

At the Excon, JCB India Limited introduced a range of Live-link enabled Diesel Gen-sets. The Company offers a wide range of diesel generators specially designed to meet clients’ needs. Clients wish for enhanced performance, serviceability, strength, safety, and space.

Why is backhoe Loader a product with difference?

The Backhoe Loader is the most innovative recent product that manufacturers of JCB India Limited are working on. The new version is built around the comfort, safety and ease of operation of the operator. The digital technologies, along with traditional mechanical technologies, have been combined for added value to the end-product. Thus, Backhoe Loader has high global quality.

Knowing about two models introduced by the company

JCB India Limited works as a full range infrastructure equipment partner. It has introduced the new 38T Tracked Excavator in two different models, namely JCB 380LC Xtra and the JCB 380LC Quarry Master (QM). The JCB 380LC Xtra is available with a powerful engine. Its hydraulic performance provides power to function a lot more than expected. There is a wide range of heavy duty buckets ranging from 1.4 to 02.3 cu.m. These can be utilised for various purposes and applications. The power boost feature enhances hydraulic system pressure. This is used for higher digging and lifting as and when needed. The JCB380LCQM provides clients with 16% Higher Lifting Capacity. This is possible because of the combined high hydraulic power with the high operating weight. This also provides 6% extra output during block handling. The JCB Diesel-max engine retu

s 3% high fuel efficiency for high torque.
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