Check Out the Top 8 Cars of the Auto Expo Expected To Be Launched By 2020

Here is good news for the car lovers!

The cars to be launched in auto expo 2020 have been announced. These new cars will be exhibited in the auto expo and are expected to be great ones too on roads too. Check out the features of the top 8 new cars that are shown in Auto Expo. Hope you will like them.

Here go the new models of cars


BMW i8 Roadster


BMW i8

That's a gorgeous car which will be loved by all.  BMW has this model in the top version category of the environment-friendly sports cars. The car is in the beautiful metallic copper shade. And in this "I" brand, you will get some of the best futuristic technology added with them. The car is having the rechargeable battery which is large enough (34Ah battery), electric motor and small turbocharged motors. The car is very light in weight with the plug-in hybrid tech. The car is a 2-seater car which is having fabric roofs that fold and deploys within 15 seconds. It also has a rollover protection device. This is among the most popular and wanted launching cars in 2020.


Hyundai Kona




It is the first model of Hyundai which is showing the new fluidic design. India will be getting the first all-electric Hyundai model also. The shown car in the auto expo is the grey and red themed. The Kona model is a cool model of car which is having some of the funkiest designs. The colored panels on the dashboard, floating center of the infotainment display, the head ups display (well that is optional) and the stitched upholstery- all make it a different one. The Kona model is also eco-friendly. We may also be expected the Kona EV too around 2019.

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Kia SP concept


Kia SP

In the auto expo, Kia has raised the expectation of the car lovers. They have brought some of the inte
ational lineups for the Indian roads. Most differently, Kia has the curvy feature which makes it something exceptional. If you love those old modeled SUV, then this Kia is one for you. Though no confirmations have been given by the company about the engine model, transmission and the drive system. The first product of the company will be launched at the end of 2019 or 2020.  Check out the Kia cars and choose the one that you will be buying.

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Mahindra Rexton



Here is a gorgeous car for the Mahindra lovers!!! The car shown in the auto expo is 5 meters long, 2 meters wide and 1.8 meters tall. It is another awesome XUV from Mahindra and got seven seats for your family. It has projector headlamps, 9.2-inch touch screen which provides all types of information and entertainment, 360-degree camera system, cooled seats, electric tailgate and is having the single diesel engine. The car is also having 2.2 liters engine with four-cylinder turbocharged units. The India version will be having 6 or 7-speed automatic transmission. The price would be matching the competitive market.


Mercedes Benz E-class All terrain

Mercedes Benz E-class


This E-class sedan is finding new lovers in the Indian market of the automobile. The model is having the large 19-inch wheels and has a plastic wrapping all around the car. This All terrain model has been changed and modified a lot to make it eco-friendly. Hardware changes like the AWD inclusions, 2.0 liters engine,4 cylinders, turbocharged diesel which is paired with 9-speed automatic transmission. Thus it is an obvious rival to some of the renowned car models which are quite acclaimed. The design of the Benz car is awesome, and you need to consider it at once while choosing.


Renault Zoe


Renault Zoe

Here is another all electricity car brought to you by Renault. It can be a car which can be brought by many people if launched in the year 2020. If you like the Baleno or the Elite i20, then you can also love the Zoe model. The power of the car is provided by the 22kWh battery or a 41kWh. The 41 kWh batteries would be supporting 400kms of traveling in once charge. The Zoe will be first launched in the Indian automobile market. It has been already a popular EVs one in Europe market. So we have to see how the Zoe model catches the notice of the Indian car lovers.

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Tata H5 X


Tata H5 X

It was another most focused and highlighted car of the expo. It was the one which was shown by TATA motors, one of the reputed Indian automobile brands. This is the first brad of TATA cars which would be having the new impact design 2.0 languages.

The design and the model are much closer to the Land Rover model. The car will be available either in 5-seater or 7-seater. The design of the SUV is just splendid and is something to be experienced.  The car is expected to be launched by the next year in the Indian market.

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Toyota Yaris


Toyota Yaris

Toyota has given a large gap after the Etios and the CorollaAltis. Now it is presenting the yaris, and it fits the market perfectly. This is a smaller car compared to other of the Toyota. Though smaller in size, yet the car comes in a lot of packed features. The car has a gesture-controlled infotainment system; roof mounted AC, power driver's seat and front parking sensor. For the safety purpose, it is having the disc brakes all around the car. Seven airbags in the car and ASEAN NCAP crash rating too.

In design, it may be a standard sedan that may not attract the customers. But considering the quality and the reliability, this comes to the first in the list.

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So which one are you considering this time among the cars in the expo mart India? Eco-friendly cars are the new ones on roads which are all electric driven. Check out these new models and decide your next car buy. Hope these top 8 cars of the Auto expo 2020 India are the must-ones to consider ones before you visit the dealers. Hope this list would be helping you and help in choosing the best ones among so many.

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